Thursday, April 1, 2010

Enough with the Hate... On to the Love!

It's a pretty well known fact that I love Pop Music. Okay, let's be honest, 'love' is an understatement. I'm kind of obsessed with it. Much to the chagrin of my husband, I love Britney Spears. In her 'prime', she was fabulous. I love her dancing, love her over produced songs, and I love the fact that we share the same birthday. But I will say, I don't love how she's gone... um... shall we say... 'downhill'. (although I did go see her Circus concert when it came through and I actually thought it was fabulous)

I also love 'Boy Bands'. I love N*SYNC, Backstreet... yeah... my heart still skips a beat when I hear 'I Want You Back' or 'Quit Playing Games With My Heart'. Anyway, I know that I'm now on the verge of being totally and completely pathetic for  admitting this (or maybe to some I already am), so why stop here, I might as well confess my latest love.

Justin Bieber

Ahh yes... another newcomer to fancy. But I will admit that it's a bit creepy how much older I am than he. So let's just get one thing straight. I don't LOVE HIM, I love HIS SONGS. They're catchy and cute, and oh, so easy to sing along to. In fact, Claire can already sing along to 'Baby' (although her rendition of the Ting Ting's 'That's Not My Name' ranks higher on the uber cute list).

Anyway, get yourselves out to Target, buy his albums (they're under $8 a piece - awesome) and tell everyone you're buying them for your niece's 8th birthday when in reality you're just going to burn her a copy (granted, you're going to burn all the songs onto one disk vs having two, and that's super thoughtful) because that's what I'm doing. And maybe you can even start a rigorous 'song learning training' with your niece so that you can take her the Justin Bieber concert this summer since chances are there's no-one else who would even dream of going with you.

I've heard that we make our own destiny... 
so I'm sure as heck going to try and make that concert a part of mine. 


Kimberly and Ed said...

I have never heard of him - or maybe I have heard his songs but didn't know it was him. I also love Pop Music. My iPod is filled with songs from Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, etc.

Little Lesiw said...

Kimberly... we were meant to be friends.

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