Saturday, June 19, 2010

Getting the Crazies under Control

So today was a much better day. I don't feel as crazy and I'm hoping that this 'feeling' will last me the next 4-6 months. To help erase the pain of yesterday, I did the only logical thing possible, and turned to my beloved KDramas and ate ramen with my new stainless steel chopsticks.

I bought this super cool set at Little Seoul's

Metal chopsticks are unique to Korea and since everyone
in my Korean Dramas eat with them, 
I pretty much have to as well. 

They use the long spoons to eat rice - they don't eat
rice with their chopsticks. And I have to say, there's
something about these spoons and chopsticks that makes
makes the food on the KDramas look so delicious!

I even want to get the pot they use to make ramen in
and use the lid as the plate!
(if you watch KDramas you know what I'm talking about)

Currently I'm watching 'Dandelion Family' 
but I have to wait until tomorrow for the next episode.
So I've been dabbling into 'Pink Lipstick' which
has turned out to be super crazy. 

I found this flow-chart that helps
explain how everything is tied together.

I think that pretty much explains everything.

And in total randomness, I noticed this
while Claire was eating lunch:


Kimberly and Ed said...

Yummy fun!!! - eating ramen while watching KDramas:-) Have you seen the cute ramen bowls that come with chopsticks and a spoon at C*ost P*lus? Super cute!

*Love the last photo of Claire:-)

Mama Kat said...

umm, NEED those shoes. Details please. NEEEEEED. Not want. Must have, NEED. Had a wedding yesterday, could not find ANY shoes to go with my dress...those, would have gone just fine. Good thing for you that I have another one comming up...I wear size 9.

Little Lesiw said...

Sorry Kat... hate to break it to you, but these are a FEW seasons old (as in years). They're Charles David - but maybe they'll have something else you'd like? Got them at Nordstroms.

Oh - and I kept the hair black for now. I got it cut, but of course it's not cut evenly, so there will be no photos. LOL.

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