Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yesterday we received a new WBC for Charlie.

{this is where I would insert a new photo of him}

There weren't any new photos.
But beggars can't be choosers, right?

So here's the rundown:

He gained just over a pound and now weighs
14.96 lbs

He had a big case of diarrhea
(enough to where they notated it. hoping its
just a quick bug, and nothing serious)

He's starting to sit on his own
(ranked 'poor' for stability)

He can pull himself up to the standing position
(ranked a '+' for that!)

He's babbling
(I wonder if it sounds different in Korean?)

Overall it was a good WBC. Today Charlie turns 9 months and his WBC was done on the 15th. He's currently assessed at a 7-8 month developmental level (which we expected) and he's increased his intake of Nutramigen (oh how the dollar signs are increasing as well...). One of the great things about the adoption forums I'm a part of, is that you get to 'meet' a ton of different people... and chances are, some of these people have experience in what you're going through. I was actually able to talk to 2 different ladies who have kids with some of the same GI issues as Charlie. One person in particular, her son is now 15 years old. He leads a totally normal and healthy life, and it was  so encouraging to hear her tell me their 'story'. One of the things she told me is that her son never really crawled. He started walking and crawling around the same time (just over a year). Which actually makes a TON of sense to me. I would think their little bellies are just a bit more sensitive than the 'average' kid. Just hearing some of the things I can 'expect', was so incredibly helpful. Things I never even thought about - but again, made total sense to me. 

Yesterday I was able to mail off our I600 and the I600a. Now we really can just sit back and relax wait our turn. I doubt it'll be very relaxing, but I'm certainly going to try and keep my craziness under control this time. From what I understand, we have a good month before I can start freaking out over what's taking so long. But I think in total my wait for approval of both forms could be around the 2-3 month mark (I THINK). 

Alright, I think I've bored you all enough. I'm off to get some lunch. 

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Kimberly and Ed said...

With every WBC, we hoped for a new picture but we didn't get one until Kyle got his care package. I know you are putting one together so hopefully you will get a new photo of your cutie soon!

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