Tuesday, June 15, 2010

She's Bilingual

I kid. I kid. 

Claire's not bilingual, but I started throwing out
some Korean words for when Charlie
comes home. 

I told her that she can call me

and she can call Daddy

and she will be Charlie's 
she didn't care for that one very much

Every so often we'll go over the words again. I'll ask her 'what do you call me?' and she'll respond with Omma. It's kind of cute, but it's not something we do every day. 

Over the weekend I went to a local fabric store to pick up some cute fabrics for a Give-A-Way I'll be doing in July. Bob had to work so I got the super fun task of looking for fabric while having a 3 year old tag along (please know that was written with really strong sarcasm). Once inside Claire settled in at the table where the 'pattern books' are located. Fortunately we had the store mostly to ourselves so I let her sit while I roamed through the fabric aisles (which in reality are about 20 feet long - not a far distance - so don't worry). She started calling out 'Mom - where are you?' Even though I knew that she knew where I was. So I yelled back, 'Claire, I'm just looking at this fabric, I'll be there in a sec - just follow my voice!' Which of course she didn't, but instead took it as an opportunity to yell. So while I kind of started to zone out, she kept talking (which has become a trend in our household - that girl can talk!) Then all of the sudden I realized that she was saying, 'Omma! Omma! Come here - Omma!' 

I have to say...
that made me smile

But I probably shouldn't get too excited.
She also has been known to call me
'Mr. Rachel'


Karen said...

LOL! Cute story. I can relate to being in any store with an almost 3-year-old. hahaha

She is so beautiful!

Sunnymama said...

That is darling! I have been making more hair accessories and I am getting lots of requests. So, I am starting slowly. Your daughter is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wait till you have to take two kids with you shopping, that is loads of fun!(said with extreme sarcasm).

Kimberly and Ed said...

Claire is so cute - how funny that she sometimes calls you 'Mr. Rachel':-)

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