Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 Months

I just realized that we've hit the 2 month mark since officially being in the Waiting Child Program. It's crazy to think that 2 months have already gone by. And what's crazier, is that we've actually looked at 4 files already. Obviously, we didn't move forward on any of them as some of the conditions were more than we were comfortable with, but the good news is that I was told there were MANY families interested in all four of the files that we looked at. So hopefully all of those kiddos have a family, or are in the process of being matched. 

The 'wait' this time is so much easier. I think it's mainly due to the fact that we have Claire and she keeps us busy (along with everything else that we're involved with), but I've started to feel the roots of anxiousness trying to take hold of my heart. It's strange... it's like I can hear myself saying 'I really want to have a referral now', but I don't have the anxious feeling that is normally attached to that sentence. That's how I know I'm getting close to struggling. Like... if struggling is being inside the house, I'm probably standing at the end of the driveway right now - looking down at the house. (and it's kind of a long driveway)

I just wish I knew when it would happen. Like if someone were to tell me, 'Rachel, you'll get your referral in 6 months', I'd be like, 'awesome. THANK YOU for telling me.' But unfortunately God doesn't work that way (or at least He hasn't had any conversations like that with me). So I guess I'm stuck dealing with it like everyone else. 

So anyways...

Well, fortunately I have this super crazy, fun kiddo to hang out with. So life really isn't that bad... not that bad indeed.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, it really is a 'waiting' game. Adoption is a tough and stressful journey because we have NO CONTROL! Oh, did I shout that? Not that I am a controlling person( heh em) and I'm sure you are better than I am and you're not a controlling person. Stay strong, have fun now because two kids=double the stress, I MEANT fun!! :0)

andy and meg said...

I kind of know what you mean, even though you and I have struggles that are nothing alike. I know what you mean to feel a little discontent and frustrated. I know what you mean to feel a little helpless, and out of the loop. I am with you, my Asian sis :) I am with you. I am so so glad you have Claire to brighten your life. She really is a gift.

ngieck said...

I know I am so late to the game... that's so amazing you are adopting! I hope the process keeps moving. Claire just might be one of the cutest little girls ever that "tiny dancer" haha. Precious! My sister just had a little girl, Elena, so now I need to go to your shop. I am finally and Aunt!

Kimberly and Ed said...

Waiting for the referral is hard and then once you get the referral with the picture, the wait gets even harder!!! It is difficult to let go and trust God's timing. It is good that you have an adorable and precious distraction:-)

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