Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Goodbye... and HELLO!

Today I sold my Bugaboo Cameleon

A big shot out to Craig.
Without his 'List', this would have never happened.

with the $$$ I made, I quickly turned around and got this:

This is the Cameleon's  Little Brother
the Bugaboo Bee

And ooooooooh - how I love him!!!

I should start off by admitting I have an addiction to strollers. I love them. It's ridiculous really, because how many strollers do you really need? If you're me, you'll think a ton. :) Anyway, I have to say that I loved the Cameleon when Claire was an infant. The bassinet feature was awesome. We'd keep it set up downstairs so that I could be a lazy mom and just have her nap in there, vs me having to walk up stairs. (I told you I was lazy) Anyway, it was a fun stroller (amazing turning radius) and a smooth ride. I never thought I'd see the day where I didn't want my Bugaboo. 

And then Claire got big enough to ride in an umbrella stroller

Umbrella strollers are amazing. I love how light-weight they are, and how easy it is to throw them in the back of the car. So I got a Maclaren and thought I found heaven. During this time I also saw the Bugaboo Bee making a name for himself. I wasn't quite convinced of him yet... but I noticed him nonetheless. 

Now that we're waiting to bring a son home from Korea, I've been taking a stroller inventory and figuring out what we should do (translation: what new stroller can I get). There was a short stint where I thought I might need to bring a stroller to Korea  - but I quickly realized the folly in that - and during that time I was looking at lightweight strollers. That's when I became really acquainted with the Bee. I talked to Bob about it, and he didn't see the need for me getting another stroller. So I told him that I would sell the Cameleon to get the Bee. That clinched it - but now I had to try and sell that Cameleon. Last night I placed an ad on Craig's List and today I had two emails! Super fun. The first girl bought it, and when I called the 2nd to tell her I could tell she was bummed (which of course made me question whether or not I priced it too low - but I can't dwell on that stuff). I told Bob I wanted to go ahead and buy the stroller because if I didn't, I was sure to spend the $$$ on something else. So off we went. 

We ended up getting the Bee in black and I can't even begin to say how much I love it! It has all the best features of the Cameleon (minus the bassinet) and all the best features of an umbrella stroller. Some of my favorite features are:
The 'Break'
It's the EASIEST brake system ever, and it's
centrally located, SO PERFECT!

The 'Reversible' Handle
One of the best features of the Cameleon
was how the handle could switch to either side. So
your kid could look at you, or at the world. 
And my kid will be looking at me
thank you very much.
(for bonding purposes... yeah.. that's it)

It 'Grows' 
This was an unknown feature to me until tonight. 
The back of the seat will expand 'up', and the bottom of the
seat will expand 'out'. SO COOL. You can tailor it to 
fit your kid as they grow. Can't get better than that!

But enough about the Bee, there's one more goodie that I tried that I totally fell in love with too. It's the Ergo Baby Carrier. 

In the adoption forum that I'm a part of, everyone talks about the Ergo and the Becco and how they're the best baby carriers. You can wear your child in front, or on your back - which is how many of the kiddos are carried back in Korea. And since I'm trying to be a nice wife, I was leaning towards getting the Ergo because A) it's cheaper and B) Bob could wear the black one vs having to wear some modern print that I would undoubtably pick from the Becco line. 

Anyway, since my daughter is the size of a large infant (weighing in at almost 22lbs), she became the perfect 'mock baby'. I strapped on the Ergo, clicked her in, and between fits of laughter due to the fact that she was sitting SO close to me, I was totally shocked at how comfortable it was! It wasn't all lies and hype, the Ergo REALLY WORKS! Claire didn't feel heavy at all and it was the most amazing thing. So in case I didn't make it entirely clear, I will most definitely be getting one. 

Alright, I just realized that in my excitement over my new 'finds',  I just took up WAY too much time. So if anyone is still 'hanging' with me at this point... you deserve a medal. 


Kimberly and Ed said...

I L-O-V-E my Ergo! Kyle prefers the Ergo over our stroller. Whenever he has trouble falling asleep, we put him in the Ergo and like magic he falls asleep!

Mama Kat said...

yeah, so I dont think you have a stroller addiction like I do...I have. I have 7 in my garage right now...not to mention the 2 in my car...right now. Oh, and the 1 that my SIL is borrowing, and the 1that my sister is borrowing. Thats 11...Please dont make me count my blooms. Its pitiful. Best double (since you should get one) Valco Baby. Love it!!

Little Lesiw said...

Okay, then I don't feel NEARLY as bad! ;)

As for a 'double', we actually have a Phil & Ted's. I love it because it's not 'wide'. Although we'll see how much Claire enjoys sitting in the back! LOL. We got it a while ago (I started off with a Bob, and then saw the double feature for the P&T and switched) and while I haven't used the 2nd seat, one of my girlfriend's has. It actually makes a great 'bag storage area' when shopping and then if Claire needs to sit for some reason she can just climb in. Also, I was thrilled to find out that the 'wheeled board' attachment for the Cameleon works on the Bee too! So it'll be like I have 2 doubles... LOVE IT.

JimandJackie said...

I have the bee and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I have a cheapo jogger and have my eye on a Phil and Ted or the B.O.B....

-Stacy and Ted said...

You will LOVE the Ergo! We still use ours (very rarely now, though) and our kids are nearly 5 and almost 50 pounds! We use it for long hikes when their legs get tired, or for going to Nebraska football games (and we have to walk 10 miles just to GET to the stadium! LOL!) You can't go wrong with an Ergo! and.. I have a herniated disc in my back and I'm STILL fine with it!

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