Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summer Shoes

So I stopped by a girlfriend's house the other day and before I left she showed me some new shoes she picked up for summer...

 That made me covet. 

I remember the days before Claire along - where when the warm weather started I'd kick off summer by buying a super cute pair of shoes. There was just something about getting a new pair of shoes that made me feel like Summer could actually start. But alas... after Claire came along, I just didn't find it practical to run around in heels and wedges. I still have some of them... the favorites of the bunch... but now I'm getting the itch to find something new. So here a few that I happened to come by:

A classic. 
I seem to be drawn to this kind of wedge
and thanks to Steve Madden, they're actually

um... dream shoe!
I LOVE this shoe, but unfortunately
my 'adoption fund' doesn't.

okay... seriously? 
I mean, really...
no. no, no, NO!

I always seem to have something to this 
effect in my closet. Of course, my version
isn't this super cute, and it's definitely
not made by Dolce & Gabanna

Alright. Covet fest is officially over. And now I shall go back to reality and slip on my Dansko Mary Janes.


Sandhya said...

Just to let you know...I just saw a pretty good imitation of the Steve Madden shoes at Target today for around $20 :)

Ben said...

The new format looks awesome! But, then again, what would you expect from a sister of mine? ;)

Ben said...

Okay, first, that was SARA that said that last comment... from Ben's computer. Kinda funny... ;)

JimandJackie said...

The Burberry-swoon...

Kimberly and Ed said...

Cute shoes! I wish I could wear them but I have major heel issues:(

Anonymous said...

I have a love for shoes also, though you wouldn't know it by my everyday pair of 2yr old black Nike flip flops. I have a pair similar to the first pair you showed, love them. Um, new vice, zappos.com. Free upgrade to overnight shipping, now that is shoe heaven! My shoes are all in plastic shoe containers with polaroid pics on the front for easy access, that's how much I love my shoes!

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