Sunday, May 2, 2010


I've had a bunch of things running through my mind. Here are some of them:

First, I LOVE this song by John Legend. I heard of snippet of it on Friday night when I was watching 'Who Do You Think You Are' on Spike Lee. (love that show by the way) I went to reach for my ipad to use 'shazaam' (its an app where it records a few seconds of what ever song you're listening to and it'll tell you who the artist is, what album, and where to buy it. This actually came in handy one night in December when Bob and I were having a 'discussion' over whether or not it was Wayne Newton singing a song. I was wrong, it wasn't him - it was Brenda Lee) but it was in another room. And by some crazy stroke of luck, my brain recalled it was by John Legend and was called something like 'Everybody Knows'. I still don't know how I knew that. But I did. And I am glad. So now I share it with you.

I watched the movie Bright Star as well (it was a recommendation from my cousin. It's about John Keats - the poet - and the girl he loved, who also inspired one of his most recognized poems). I thought it was good, definitely had some great love scenes, but I couldn't fully appreciate them to their fullest extent because I had a heckler in the crowd (aka: BOB) that ruined it for me. 

We also painted Claire's Toes

Here's a question for you all. I've been working on some new Blooms
but I can't decide if I like the 'coordinating' center, or if I should
just stick with  a 'monochromatic' look (just using the same
fabric for the center as it is in the petals)

Sorry that the color is all wonky on these.

But please be honest - let me know if they should stay as they are, 
or if I should make the 'centers' match the petals. 
You won't hurt my feelings. 
I gotta open the shop again soon, so I'd like to get these
sorted out so I can list them :)

I'm thanking you in advance because I'm hoping 
someone - anyone - will throw me a bone. 


Kmoana said...

Rachel, I LOVE that the center is different and doesn't match! Very creative! :)

Sandhya said...

My vote is for the mismatched centers...those are always my favorite! Love your new fabrics and can't wait to buy some more for my girl :) Oh, and btw...I STILL have your cute chair strap thingy I borrowed like a year ago...I NEED to send it back to you soon!!!

Kimberly and Ed said...

Mismatched - they are so cute! I wish I had a girl:)

Jaci said...

Those look great!! I wouldn't change a thing!

dave said...

Leave the way they are! So cute!

JimandJackie said...

love them! cannot wait for a girl!!!

Mama Kat said...

Ok, brutally honest right...promise you wont hate me. Love love love the one on the bottom...So cute miss-matched (buying me one forsure...or 2 or 4) The green one is ok, my second fav, but I would love to see it matched too. The top right one, love the fabric on the "petals" but dont like how it looks with the center. Its looks a little funk...not so into the funk, but NEED that fabric al matchy (like 4 again...)
love you...promise....dont hate me.

Little Lesiw said...

SOO appreciate the comments. And I feel you guys on the plaid one. That's the one I was mainly 'iffy' on. You can't really tell, but that 'yellow' in the center, is in the plaid. But I think I prefer it all 'plaid' too. :)

And Kathy - anything you need, you just let me know. I can make them any way you want. :)

Kim said...

I love the coordinating centers! Can't wait for your shop to reopen!

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