Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Claire's Boyfriends

and yes... that was boyfriends
as in plural.

There are a couple of men in Claire's life
that she truly adores. 

They are vastly different from one another
but they do share one common fact.

they will soon be leaving.

so today was the day I went to 
capture a moment with them. 

*** let me apologize for the poor quality photos. I'll be re-taking them. No Joke ***

This is Bob.
Bob works at the Post Office and much to our dismay
he is retiring soon. 

The Post Office seems like our second home some times and I have to say - the people that work at our Post Office are so kind and wonderful. Really. In fact, I'm having a hard time switching over to online postage because I just love going in the Post Office . 

Anyway, Bob has been Claire's favorite from day one - hands down. 
She loves saying hi to him when we walk in, and will ask for him
if he isn't there when we arrive. 

So a big Shout Out to Bob. 
You're the man. 

This is Kris. 
His parents own our favorite Sushi joint. 

Claire loved Kris from the moment she first laid eyes on him. 
After asking what his name was, she repeatedly would say,
'Kris is so cute, right Mom? Kris is cute'.

She is now known as Kris's 'number one fan'.

But sadly, a guy has got to go to college. 
So while we will miss him, we fully support his pursuit of higher education.

Thank You to Bob & Thank You to Kris

You both have been so generous to my daughter with your kindness
and friendship and we truly will miss you both.


Kimberly and Ed said...

When I saw the title, I thought her boyfriends would be much younger:-) Love this post!

Jenny said...

this is such a cute post!

The Parsons' blog said...


Kmoana said...

I second above post, freaking hilarious!!!

andy and meg said...

Probably the funniest post ever. Seriously.

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