Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quick Prayer Request

Okay, so tomorrow


Charlie will be having his 


there isn't anything in particular that makes
me worried about this

but it's after the physical that we'll find out
if he needs a 'Class B Waiver'.

which again, isn't anything to worry about, 
but it's mostly seen as another 'time delay'
as you have to receive the form,
get it notarized,
send it back to your agency,
and then have it sent on to Korea.

Another update on our I600:

I found out Friday evening that we have been 
assigned to an Officer. Seems like a 'praise', right?
Well, I guess it is... sorta. 
I found out about being 'assigned' when I received a form
saying that they are 'requesting more evidence' that 
Charlie is indeed an Orphan.
I'll save the explanation, but just know it's yet another thing
about the American Government that is really frustrating.

I just wish that when they decide to make 'new rules', 
that they'd actually THINK through the process  
to see if it's actually 'helping' or 'hurting' what has already
been established (and working perfectly) for decades.

Anyway... my agency has already faxed in some information
and tomorrow I'm supposed to call and see if will suffice. 

oh please, let it be enough!


Kim said...

Praying for good news all around Rachel!! And on the I600...they delayed ours because they had to pull MY alien file...hoping they do not wait till the last minute to do that on you too if that's what your office requires. Sending good VP and I600 vibes at ya!

mary leigh said...

I think tomorrow is a bloom day- for Char's visa physical and for what Holt faxed to be enough!

The Parsons' blog said...


Sunshine said...

Oh, Rachel, my officer did the same! I'm so sorry they want more evidence, after 50 years of doing it in the same (professional) way. :/ I hope Holt is able to get the relinquishment doc faxed to them fast. Will keep fingers crossed for you, TK

Ellen said...

You are so close!!! We are praying!!!

Kimberly and Ed said...

Praying and thinking of you and precious Charlie every day!

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