Tuesday, September 14, 2010

we're all allowed to have a bad day, right?

I feel like complaining, and then I feel guilty for feeling that way. But today is just one of those days. 

I called NVC this morning to see if they have received my I600 and I was hoping that they would say, 'why yes, we received it on Monday and it's already be logged out and on it's way to the Embassy in Korea.' But instead, I got 'I'm not showing anything with your name. When did you say it was sent?'

UGH. I find it frustrating. So FRUSTRATING. Why can't the US Government get their act together? WHY can't things be processed in a timely manner, or in a FAIR & CONSISTENT manner? Or better yet, why don't they require the people who work in those offices to adopt a child BEFORE they start their job... just so they have a better understanding of what we go through... or at least have some empathy for us.

But then I have to remember that things will happen when they're supposed to happen. And stressing over it isn't going to change my timeline. And then I have to remember all the families who work with this one agency that is having MAJOR delays in travel.. like once people are receiving their referrals they have to wait around a year before bringing their children home. So I really can't complain considering there many in situations much 'worse' than my own. 

And if I'm being honest with myself, I still have a TON I could be doing to prepare for Charlie's arrival, so I really have no business being on the computer when my 'To Do' list is a mile long. 

But today is just one of those days. I feel like complaining. And now I have. So I guess it time to move on.


Kelli said...

Rach, I KNOW that the wait can be frustrating but I think that God uses this to test our ultimate patience. We really learn patience when it is at our most uncomfortable. It can be so hard to wait on the Lord! I have found that in those times I was drawn away from myself and more on Matt and what God was doing. I am not trying to preach it to you, I have just been there and know exactly how you feel. I used to pray...Lord, what are you wanting me to learn so that I can learn it and we can get on with this already!!! haha Let me encourage you to use this time to really grow. Of course both of us would choose to forgo the lesson and get to the prize but why not have both? It makes Charlie that much sweeter. Love you and praying that it goes fast...or as Lucy would say...muy rapido! :)

April said...

It just plain sucks that you've had so many delays! I'll continue to pray for you and, of course, all the rest of us!

Elizabeth and Dan said...

Wow. . . I can so relate! Don't feel bad. . . your feelings are pretty human. I super hate not knowing the future. If I were a vampire I would totally be Alice so I can see the future and not always be guessing. (Yeah. . . Dan and I finally got around to watching Twilight) Hang in there Rachel. Almost there!

Kmoana said...

yes love, we are allowed to have a bad day...and sometimes it just feels GOOD to vent and let it out especially to those who understand the process and how it can be sometimes torturous...but i love how you keep it all in perspective and that you see the big picture! i had those moments as you well know, but it all came together and in retrospect the timing was perfect. we're here for you and your beautiful family is in our prayers!!! charlie...mama's coming soon :)

KJ said...

I hope you have a better day today! so sorry you're feeling so frustrated.... but this will pass and you'll be w. your sweet baby in no time!


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