Friday, September 3, 2010

got Faith?

I just got an email saying that Charlie's 
Visa Physical is schedule for 9/8/10

which is awesome because it means that things
are moving along.

and it's also lame because it means that my 
I600 approval will hold things up. 

I had received an email yesterday (which I thought was days ago, but nope, it was just yesterday) regarding my I600 which basically said "you're not assigned to an officer, thanks for your patience." Ummm... I kinda don't remember giving them any... but I'll try and go with it.

Who am I kidding. I'm want my I600 approval. 

There is something I DETEST about knowing that ONE SINGLE FORM will hold everything up... and this approval... people have been approved in WAY LESS time than I've been waiting. Is it fair? No. Is there anything I can do to change it? No... but...

I can pray about it. 

I'm struggling with it though. Is this one of those things where you earnestly pray to God to perform a miracle? Is it one of those things that if you truly believe God will answer your prayer? But what if my 'answer' is "No Rachel, you have to wait and not just wait... but you have to wait without knowing anything, until I reveal it to you." The thought of getting my hopes up only to be disappointed does not sound appealing.

And if I'm being honest, that would totally stink.

On Sunday our Pastor was talking about Job, and how it's kind of 'unfair' sometimes to use him as an example when he complains because Job is written in the 3rd person - which means there's a narrator. And with that narrator, we can see the 'big picture'. Job can't. Now, please understand that I'm certainly not comparing my wait for Charlie to the likes of Job's trials, but it would be sooooo nice if a Narrator could jump in. Yeah... any time, feel free to start talking!

So what do you think I should do?

pray with the expectation of getting approval?
pray - but kinda expect that it's not going to happen?
go get a piece of lemon cake from the bakery down the street?


MandK said...

I think the sqeaky wheel gets the oil! And the lemon cake!

Call someone. Its only 1:00 there, inquire, with the office or email for a timeframe. I think you will feel better if you can do something to coax them along...and reward yourself with cake...for all your hard work!

Kimberly and Ed said...

I agree with MandK, pray, but also be a squeaky wheel. My husband is great at being the squeaky wheel and it usually works! (I am too nice sometimes so I am thankful for him!) I would also recommend having the lemon cake;-)

Karen said...

Cake, definitely. But I vote for chocolate.

Karen said...

:o) You know I totally believe in the power of prayer. Have I told you my I-600 story.

Kelly said...

Pray expecting to get it (stay positive!), eat the lemon cake, and be proactive, I say! Call about the I600 again, there's no reason it should be taking them this long!

I have faith!!! Pray for a miracle!

Mama Kat said...

OMG! I need you to read the book Prayer is invading the impossible by Jack Hayford. Read it today, or now, you know in your spare time! It changed my prayer life. For REALS! so pray, pray for what you want. "there is a way to face the impossibility. Invade it! Not with a glib speech of high hopes. Not in anger. Not with resignation. Not through stoical self-control. But with violence. And prayer provides the vehicle for this kind of violence." actual quote from book (I told you it was good). Plus you know I love a little violence...:)

Mama Kat said...

oh, and while you are praying eat lemon cake...

Lindsay said...

These last few weeks are the hardest. I am so sorry you are having to wait on the I600. I think everyone who works in that department should have to be an adoptive parent who knows how important each day is to us. I am praying for Charlie and your family. He will be home soon! I say eat cake everyday if you have to!

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