Friday, September 17, 2010

NVC in/out

I called this morning and found out that we're 

NVC in/out

which basically means our I600 approval has been wired 
to the embassy in South Korea
(not that anyone actually thought we were adopting from the North)

I'm trying to be really happy about this, but the selfish girl in me
wanted this to happen on Wednesday
so our P3 could have been sent to our agency today.

Oh, and it's technically Saturday in Korea
so I guess it doesn't really matter. And Chuseok 
(a Korean holiday) starts next week and it's pretty safe
to assume that NOTHING will happen next week.

So does anyone have any guesses as to when I'll get my travel call?
Who ever gets it right, I'll give you a prize
(totally not kidding)


CJ said...

That is so awesome! My guess is October 13th, 2010! My hope for you is to have Charlie home before the holidays!

Kelly said...

I say P3 out on Monday the 27th and TC on 9/30! Still pulling for you to get that September TC!!!

Big House Creations said...

I say travel call on September 29th. Things are gonna move fast for you after the holiday!

Karen said...

Let's see ... to get the TC we need the P3 and the EA and the VI, right? (And Chuseok, of course.) I am going to be optimistic and say Sept. 29th for TC. :o) Hope I am right!

Lindsay said...

You are so close! I think things will start moving fast after the Holiday. I am guessing Friday, October 1st, for your TC!

Kimberly and Ed said...

Yipee!!! I am going to say October 1st (I really hope it is sooner!!!)

Heather said...

That's still great! I actually do have people ask me whether I'm adopting from North or South Korea!

My guess is Oct. 5. Hopefully sooner though!

MandK said...

I am a trrrible guesser...but I think it will be October 1st as well.

Leah said...

My guess would have been Oct. 5th, but I'll just say the 7th. But it WILL be much sooner than that!! :)

JimandJackie said...

I am going to guess October 4th...and I wish I could count how many people have asked if P was from the North. I look at them and ask "Do you realy think we traveled to North Korea???" Ps. These are educated people..

Paula said...

I say Sept 28th. Hope sooner!

Kmoana said...

Oh I wish it was tomorrow!!!! but if not tomorrow, I say the 28th, maybe the 29th...I dont know but I know I CANT WAITTTTTT!!!!

Anonymous said...

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