Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love Scenes

So I'm supposed to be reading my book for Book Club. I hear it's a 'heavy' one... ugh. That already makes me tired. I tend to be more for the light-hearted-fiction. You know, like romantic comedies in book form. Although I do love me some 'period pieces'. Actually, I think it's more like 'anything with a great love scene'. And in regards to 'love scenes' - I'm not talking about 'adult situations'. I'm talking about those moments where characters have an interchange involving confessing their love with such passion and angst that you feel it right through the pages. Or maybe it's a tender moment, where the honesty that passes between the two is so simple and pure that you find your eyes are suddenly watering. And it's not just books where this happens to me... but movies as well. So in true procrastinating form, instead of reading my Book Club book, I'm going to list 5 of my favorite 'love scenes'. 

Scene #1:
The Notebook
I saw the movie, and yes, it makes me cry, but the Book made me bawl
You know the part where Noah (as the old man)
 sneaks down to Allie's room at the very end?
Well in the book he had a stroke, and not a heart attack. 
So he had to drag half of himself 
(since he had partial paralysis) to her room. 
Finish it off with them falling asleep together - forever - and you've got
one heck of a love scene.

Scene #2
Pride & Prejudice
Sadly, I have not read the book. But it's on the 'to do' list. 
But in the movie... when Mr. Darcy is walking
 through the morning mist... and he stumbles over his words
 as he tells Lizzy that he loves her
(which I think it was 3 times - no?)
Ahh... now that's a beautiful love scene.

Scene # 3
(So I guess I officially moved from Books to Movies)
Okay, so I LOVE the part where the boat has sunk and 
Rose is lying on the headboard.
Jack is telling her that she has to live
 and do all the things she's dreamed out.
Considering he was about 90% frozen, that was one hot love scene.
*and just for the record - I don't think women were crazy
 about Leonardo... they were all crazy about Jack Dawson.
 I mean, who wouldn't want a man who sees
all the 'good' that's inside you and loves you for the person
that you have yet to personally discover!

Scene #4
Anne of Green Gables
um... heck yeah I had to include this movie!
It's only one of the best made-for-TV-films OF ALL TIMES.
Anyway, there are many wonderful moments in this treasure trove
of love scenes, but one of my absolute favorites might actually be in 
Anne of Avonlea. It's when Anne goes to the wedding and
 Gilbert follows her into the stable area. She has just heard
 Josie Pie making fun of her for being 
a bridesmaid again and she's trying to leave the wedding.
 Gilbert follows her, and then proposes. 
She says no, they go back and forth, and then the part that
absolutely kills me is when in one last final effort,
 Gilbert looks Anne in the eyes, 
and desperately whispers, 'please say yes'.
ugh... my heart hurts just thinking about it... 
this love scene is a force to be reckoned with.

Scene #5
Becoming Jane
This movie is one long love scene.
Not only is it a super dramatic tale of unrequited love,
but it made me love Anne Hathaway (I wasn't a fan before)
and made me REALLY love James McAvoy.
The part that is the most intense love scene for me, is when 
Jane realizes that Tom's family truly depends on him for survival.
She knows that the 'right' thing to do is to not runaway with him, 
even though her heart says she must. So when they are at a carriage 
stop and Jane decides to go back, and Tom is begging her not to, and 
 keeps asking her, 'but do you love me?' over and over...
that leaves me absolutely no choice but to 'ugly cry'.
* and ugly cry did I ever! I'm talking nose running, face swollen,
and weird noises (you know what I mean... it's when
you're crying really hard, and you know you're going to make a loud
sobbing noise if your mouth is open so you keep it shut by shoving
your blanket over your mouth to stop any sound waves from leaving. 
But the pressure from the sobs backs up because you're kind of holding
your breath, so all of the sudden this weird
 explosion of spit, tears, and air bursts out - which if anyone
wasn't looking at you at that point, 
they certainly are now - and as you draw in a big breath of air
(in reaction to the huge exhale that just happened) you kind of make 
this weird gasping sound that is a cross between a goat dying
and a fog horn.

or is that just me?

Anyway, those are my picks for fabulous love scenes. What are yours? I'd love to know... and maybe I can procrastinate a bit more and check out your picks, vs reading for Book Club.


Ellen said...

Okay, so I just busted out laughing, you know the kind that creeps up and everyone stares because you find something so funny, but they aren't in on the joke? Love your description of the "Ugly Crying" I think we all do that.

These are usually movies in which, once I finish I say out loud, "Stupid Movie" becuase I just bawled my eyes out. I have to definitely add the movie "Nights in Rodanthe". I tell people not to watch this unless you really need a cleansing cry!

I will have to think of more and repost another comment later.

If you want a great read...The Geurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Society is fabulous. It was the first book our club read last fall and we have yet to read another that is as well written & draws you in like this one does!

Happy Reading & Movie Watching!

Kimberly and Ed said...

I am in love with James McAvoy (don't tell my husband) and Becoming Jane is one of my favorite films. Rachel we have so much in common - too bad we don't live near each other:(

Elizabeth and Dan said...

I LOVED becoming Jane. You should watch Bright Star if you haven't seen it yet. It is about John Keats the poet and the woman who inspired one of his greatest poem. Grab that kleenex!

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