Friday, April 9, 2010

Um... Someone Feels Like a ROCKSTAR (and that someone is ME!)

Hey - remember when I tried making those cupcakes with the chocolate butterflies and I ended up making super lame, crappy ones?

Well check out THESE BABIES!!!

Yeah. I know. SO freaking fabulous.

Aren't they just to DIE for?! 
I guess they're supposed to be 'Mums'...
but it totally doesn't matter to me

I'm just STOKED that they actually WORKED!

Granted, they were labeled 'EZ' in description, but who cares?! They were!
Ahh... nothing like a successful attempt at copying creativity to raise the ole self esteem. 


Kimberly and Ed said...

Those cupcakes are fabulous!!! You are a ROCKSTAR!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome! I wish I was your neighbor to come over and have some:)

Jaci said...

Sweet! I need that recipe... but I bet I won't be able to make them that beautiful.

Queen of Kim Chee Kingdom said...

Those look AMAZING!! I won't even show you my Easter cupcakes...yours blow mine out of the water!

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