Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Claire's bangs were getting too long, so I decided to give them a little trim. I have visions of her bangs being short, with a small 'poof' on top (think 'Snookie' but take it down... oh... a million notches) all pulled back into a pony, and finished off with one of my Bloom headbands. Unfortunately, she hates wearing stuff in her hair. Even ponies. I'll put them in, and then a little while later she'll say, 'I want these off!' I guess you win some and you lose some. 

I must say, I was soooo proud of her tonight when I cut her bangs. There have been many a times where she has moved her head last minute or up and down, and I end up chopping some crazy uneven line, or a big chunk out. But tonight... well, she was in rare form. When I asked her to close her eyes, she did! And she sat perfectly still while doing it. 



I apologize for the picture quality. My battery is just about dead in my camera so I was trying to take them as fast as I could. 

I'm actually thinking about cutting layers in her hair. Since she doesn't like to wear stuff in it, I figure I might as well give her a super cute haircut that just requires a bit of blow drying. She lets me take the flat iron to it, so maybe she'll let me 'fix' her hair on a daily basis... or maybe not. 

Hmm... I just realized that 'bangs with layers ending around the shoulders' is what I'm trying to do with my hair... Geesh. I guess I'm already trying to live vicariously through my daughter. I thought that stuff didn't start for at least another five years. While we're at it, does anyone have a 'tween' they wanna let me borrow? My niece is going to be gone when Justin Bieber is in town and none of my 30-something friends wanna go to his concert.

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Anonymous said...

What a doll, just so darn cute! Nice job on the bangs. And yes, I have a tweener, but darn it, we are too far away, again!

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