Monday, April 19, 2010

Startin' Fresh

For some reason I feel like a need a new start. I think it has something to do with my dabbling in cooking the past few days. Or maybe it's was after Bob cut down a ton of bushes in back yard. It was so ... refreshing ... the small space that was over grown with branches, shrubs and weeds is now clean and bare. And I. love. it. 

So I'm thinking that's what my life needs... a little 'pruning' so to speak. I have no idea when gardeners actually do pruning, but I know they do it at some point so that the next year plants come back fuller (or at least I think I read something like that somewhere at some point). Maybe it's like when you're supposed to fertilize your lawn (which I think that happens some time before winter - but like always, I could most definitely be wrong). 

Anyway, I need pruning. And in pretty much all areas of my life. I'm starting to feel 'over grown' and for the first time I really want to feel 'clean and bare'. Now HOLD UP. Don't get all weird in that analogy, I'm just talking about getting rid of the 'extra' and feel like my life is back under control. Which if I'm being honest, I'm not sure if I've ever felt totally in control of my life. I feel like I'm always playing 'catch up'. So here's what I'm thinking might help, I want to work on:

Planned Meals
I've never made a meal calendar.
I'm intrigued, but I'm not sure where exactly to start
Bob's schedule varies week to week, so sometimes
he's not home at a normal 'meal time'

Show Up to the Gym
Bless my trainer, Jeff. He puts up with a lot. 
I've been promising him for months now that I'll start doing cardio.
My mantra has been 'I can't go to Korea fat'
so I really need to get a workin' on that!
If I get a referral tomorrow, I'm totally screwed.

Organize Claire's Bedrooms
Yes, you read it right, that's in plural form. 
Claire is currently in her bedroom, and then I have the 'new' 
bedroom for when her brother arrives that she'll transition
into. Right now it's filled with clothes, blankets, bags,
you name it. I gotta get those sorted through.

Organize my Office/Work Space
I hired a professional organizer (they really have those things!)
who helped sort through my stuff and got rid of a lot. But I'm still not
as streamlined as I'd like to be. So I have to figure some new plan 
of attack. There's fabric and stuff everywhere!

Organize a HUGE Garage Sale for our Adoption
We have too much stuff. Literally. So after seeing a friend do a 
Garage Sale as an Adoption Fundraiser, I want to do the same. It's 
just finding the time to sort through everything! I have some great 
stuff I'll be getting rid of... seriously! I used to work at Pottery Barn and 
all of my paychecks went to buying stuff. So I'll be selling... umm..

Hmmm. It seems like I'm using the word 'Organize' too much. That's probably half my problem. I get really overwhelmed when I think about all that needs to be done, but I decided that I'm going to start tackling it.... right after I finish the 4 wholesale orders that I have sitting... waiting to be completed... Ugh. But for me, writing this all out is almost like making a contract with myself. And now that's out in the cyber world, I'm sure that will result in some slight form of accountability - right? 

So here's to a fresh start. I'm cleaning out the playlist (which in case you didn't know, I add a new song for each post I do - I think it's a challenge to find a theme song for my life - but feel free to 'mute' if you're not in the mood), my blog will be getting a new make over soon (just saw a draft of it), and tomorrow I'm going to do cardio after my training session for the first time since ... Thanksgiving? Oh, and if you have any tips for how I can achieve said goals listed above, I'm open to any and all suggestions!


Kimberly and Ed said...

I find buying cute storage boxes helps me get organized:)

Mama Kat said...

No tips on being organized...sorry, not that way. Totally want to be, but just not. Ashley did come over and help with some cuboards, and closets, and they are still pretty though!! Just those ones...However I totally think you should put some pictures of the pottery Barn stuff up here. you know, for your besties! :)

JimandJackie said...

you make me laugh! I love the mantra of cannot go to Korea fat :) I felt the same and trained for a half and full marthon as we waited for referral. This may my DS will be at the finish line at my half in may. KDjackie HOLT BB

Kmoana said...

I LOVE "startin' fresh", it always feels so good to get organized and simplify! For me its just hard to maintain it though...and the mantra, yup thats me too! I got to get this butt in shape! p.s. LOVE your hair! :)

Anonymous said...

If only we lived closer, I could help you get organized. I am one to get rid of things if not used. I even have my desk cupboard with tiny pull out drawers with everything labeled: rubber bands, shoelaces, tylenol, hair bands, nail polish, etc. You name it, I have a little drawer for it. I bought them at Target one year, I bought a lot, but good thing, they didn't have them a month later! I even have my shoes in plastic containers with pictures of my shoes on the outside of it. Yeah, people tease me all the time about that.
Now go get organized, just do one thing at a time so you feel like you accomplished something. No wonder you are overwhelmed! Prioritize and go from there. Good luck!
And maybe you listen to Celine Dion when you workout to inspire you!

andy and meg said...

I am also working on organization. I trash drawers, baskets, and any organizer item. Everything kind of just morphs into a "pile". The only thing that works for me is exactly what you are doing: getting rid of junk (even the pretty junk). Sooo hard to do.

I will be looking forward to hearing updates on your new "clean and bare" lifestyle. (The "PG" rated version ;)

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