Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fun with the Grandparents

So it's common knowledge amongst the grandkids in our family that being at my parent's house is the bomb diggity. I don't think there has been even one, of the 10 grandkids who has voiced anything negative about being there. In fact, it has been always been the opposite... tears have been shed once the parents arrive. 

Last week Bob had to work a couple of days at the Walgreen's up near them. So of course we all jump at the excuse to go visit the 'rents. While Bob was busy 'pharming', I was busy filling some wholesale orders, and Claire... well... she had a blast. Here's a couple of the highlights:

Baking Bread. 
My Mom's bread is pretty well known around these parts. 
So Claire got to get in on the action.

She helped cover the bread

It was so super cute to see her get involved
(although she didn't like getting her hands dirty)

but don't forget Grampa
Claire had some crazy fun with my Dad

Apparently my Dad sets up this dolly-thingy
and Claire props herself against it.

You can see them going all over the place. 
Although she might look a bit nervous, 
it's actually one of her favorite things.

So thanks again for the great time Mom and Dad. I know when Claire get's older it's going to be activities like these that will be the best memories for her. 


Karen said...

So cute! That bread looks delicious! My little girl has those same cookie pjs. Love them.

Kimberly and Ed said...

That bread looks so good!!! I want to hang out with the grandparents too:)

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