Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

okay, so it's not THAT cold out
but in our neck of the woods, it got COLD.

It was supposed to rain all weekend
(and for the next few days)
so when the sun decided to give us a break
 from being holed up in the house
we jumped on it.
(or rather, we walked)

this kid will NOT smile at a camera. 
(it's starting to really annoy me)
like ... he'll actually be laughing and then I'll pull out 
the camera and the smiles instantly stop. 

this is the closest to a smile I've gotten in a long time.

taking photos of two kiddos is next to impossible I'm finding.

they may not be smiling
but at least they're looking at the camera.

I kinda have to give myself a pat on the back. 
when I got them up off of the ground, I noticed that their
backsides got really dirty. 

and I didn't freak out. 

I think this Momma is finally starting to loosen up. 
awww  yeahhhh


Leah said...

He is so adorably cute in his little hat and mittens! Love the coat too! Those smiles will be overflowing soon, just remember he's smilin' on the inside! :)

HighFiveMama said...

Rachel, love the hats!! Your kiddos are just adorable! Our exchange student we had from Korea a few years ago always knows that those hats are a total hit with our family!

scatterbrainliz said...

All your photos of your kids bring a huge smile to my face!

Lucille05 said...

They are just the best dressed kids EVER!

The Parsons' blog said...

I love the last photo! So cute. And AMEN to it being hard to get more than one kid to look. It doesn't matter what age, it's HARD. Tell me about it. Oh and I laughed, you should see me after I do a photo shoot, I'm covered in leaves and dirt. With Stella, she was the cleanest, and now poor ava, she can go with jam on her face for the whole day. haha!

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