Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Enchanting Afternoon

there is an old park not too far from where I live. 

it's super basic. 

... a covered picnic area ...
... a small play structure for toddlers ...
... a large play structure for the bigger kids ...
... and some soccer fields ...

the other day we decided to head over there
and we took the kiddos
(and my parents)
and it was discovered that if you took the path that outlined
the soccer fields and curved off into the trees

it would bring you down to this little spot

there was something about how the soft beams of sunlight made everything glow
that took me back to a time where I wished that a little spot, 
just like this one, had existed for me to explore.

to have a stream (preferably in your own backyard) was my fantasy.

I often thought of magical adventures that involved me having long flowing hair
while wearing a soft billowing dress that always seemed to flutter in the breeze.
and of course there would be some handsome boy 
who would come to rescue me from who knows what
(but rest assured, there was always a boy. apparently I was boy crazy)

there was this tall tree that looked a million years old
and I had a fleeting thought to tell Claire
that He was the keeper of all the secrets.

He knew where the fairies hid and which animals could speak to you.

He knew that if you took an ordinary stick ...

... it could become a shiny sharp sword ...

... or a magical wand ...

... to help you find a buried treasure ...

... or read the secret message hidden between the grains of sand ...

but instead, I said nothing.
and I just watched her play and explore her new spot. 
I have a feeling that we'll be making many trips here.

and when we do, the stories will be different.
as they will be her's to tell
and I will be the one who gets listen.

because sadly this girl has forgotten how to get to the enchanted kingdom.

instead she sees the mud that will get the car dirty
... the horse manure that she almost stepped in - and made her shudder ...
... the sand that is undoubtably in her children's shoes ...
... and the realization that snakes and tics could be in the vicinity ...

but maybe on one afternoon
when they go back to do some exploring
  the sun will drop soft beams of light
that will seem to make everything glow

and once again she'll get lost in a magical land
with a little maiden and a little prince
and it will last for more than a moment.


CJ said...

I LOVE THIS POST! Sweet pictures! And yes....I would have snuffed out the fun with trying to keep everything clean. We adults need to be more carefree and see God's creation in its purest form...through a child's imagination.

Leah said...

Agreed CJ! I too get so caught up in 'mom and wife' mode, that I miss the real moments, moments that Leah use to see. Be Rachel too, not just the mother and wife! :)

Jaci Monaghan said...

Beautiful and poetic!!

scatterbrainliz said...

Seems like everyone had a magical afternoon ;)

Kmoana said...

what a beautiful post rach! reminds us to stop and be carefree once in a while...

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