Saturday, November 27, 2010

Whew ... are we in December yet?

gosh... it seems like this past week or so has just been incredibly


which I know isn't anything new to everyone else, 
but for some reason I just feel extra tired this time. 

(could be because I'm coming down with a cold or something)

I kinda can't remember what all we did, but I know we
seemed to be always on the go. 
oh wait. I take that back. It rained a lot. 
so we were home bound.
(yikes. I sound like I'm losing my mind)

I did get pictures of a couple of things. 

First, I took the kids to the local 
'Day Before Thanksgiving Parade'

I thought it started at 9:30 am
but it was actually 9:00 am

We were able to catch the end of it
(it wasn't all that exciting, but something we'll definitely do next year)

and here's what the kids thought

yeahhhh ...  oh well. 

Thanksgiving was super fun. We went up to my parents house
and because of a little storm that passed through a few days before, 
there was still some snow left to play in!

Claire liked making snowballs and learned how to throw them

 she had a great time watching her cousins sled
(she was a bit scared during her one and only trip down)

She tried making snow angels on the icy snow

and of course Mr. Charles decided to come check out the white stuff

 he did a lot of looking

and then Bob gave him some snow

and he carried it around until we took it out of his hand. 
It was kind of crazy how he didn't complain about his little hand getting cold. 

and of course, he tried eating it. 
(he still tries to eat everything)

I really enjoyed this Thanksgiving as it was just fun, relaxing, and delicious.

and of course I loved the Black Friday shopping as well. 

Last year was my maiden voyage in Black Friday seas
and I have to say - I am SO addicted!

I think it's the thrill of the hunt. So far I have failed to make a game plan
(besides knowing what stores I'd like to check out)
and instead I kind of do a quick browsing type thing. 

it's fun to see what goodies you happen to come across. 

Oh - and now I'm sick. 
Yeah ...  I have some kind of cold or something like that. 
I have one more day to get over it, and then I'll have to buck up. 
so until then, I'm going to bed. 


Kelly said...

Seriously you have the most stylish kids in town...Looks like Charlie is doing so well, I love the pics of him walking down the cute.
Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, now the pressure to put the Christmas decorations up, ouch.


Leah said...

Love the pictures...but I always do!:) Good to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving and you are crazy enough for the Black Friday thing - ooowww girl! >:/ Hope the cold thing goes away quick!

JimandJackie said...

Hope you feel better, LOVE the hunt. I found two sweet Pairs of boots and some "jeggins" yes I am going to try them!

andy and meg said...

Those pics of Charlie in the snow are so cute! I bet he was totally stunned with all of the snow. And, seeing Claire laying on the ground making snow angels made me wish we were there to play with her!

Oh, and your kids' shoes are way more trendy than any of my shoes.

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