Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just a little FYI...

so what does 



and this

have in common?

all the shoes are from here!

I happened to be checking out some of my favorite websites 
to see if there was anything good going on, 
and stumbled across this sale. 

super great prices.

like ... I got Charlie some shoes for $16!

anyway, I thought it was too good of a deal to keep to myself.

and no, I'm not sponsored by them to be telling you this.

but OH how I wish I was.

here's the link the their site:


Kmoana said...

i've been meaning to tell you...i LOVE the way you dress charlie, of course it helps that he is soooooooooo dang cute :)

Leah said...

Yes! Charlie makes those clothes cute! Adorable, and love the shoes!! Thanks for posting the site, gonna get me some of those! :)

HighFiveMama said...

Rachel, I so wish I knew what size Andrew would be when he comes home in the spring and I would snatch a pair of these adorable shoes! I guess I will just bookmark the page and go back to it when I know for sure!!Thanks!

Lacey B. said...

I almost emailed you this last night! Of course when I went to get some for Elle they are out of her size... Lucky Charlie he's going to have every cute style made!

Anonymous said...

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