Saturday, November 6, 2010

this is AWESOME

so I took the kids to our favorite hangout 
to pick up a few things that we need, and few things that we don't. 

one of the things that I really needed was some big bins to store stuff in.

as I was driving over there I was trying to come up with my 'game plan' for how 
I was going to make it work. Normally Claire likes to sit in the 'basket part'
(which I technically think they advise against)
but since I have to get big bins, she can't sit there. 
so that left the 'front part', but if Charlie freaks out about being in the carrier
(which he did last time)
then I'll have to put him there... and Claire will have to walk
which I just know she'll rebel against since she doesn't have a choice otherwise.

while I pulled into my parking spot, across the way from me
I saw the solution to all my problems
(or at least my current one)

I quickly parked the car and ran over to grab it before anyone else could
(which thinking back, I don't think I had any competition)

I got the kids buckled in and hoped for the best
(that there not be any screaming or fighting)


It's like the Suburban of shopping carts!
I think you need a special license to steer it because it was super hard.

(for some reason I just laugh really hard when I look at the kids in this photo)

this was taken inside the store from the opposite end of the cart
(and with my cell phone - so sorry about the quality)

it looks like they're angry, but they actually had a really good time. 

so maybe this cart isn't a big deal to you - but it is to me.
I've never seen one like this and was sooooo handy to pick up bins
and the other random things that we found.

Claire kept telling people, 
'My mom said this cart is hilarious - and she called it a monster'

which is true. 
I find this monster cart to be super duper hilarious.


Kmoana said...

Freaking hilarious!!! I'm trying to picture you pushing the Suburban Cart, omg the pictures totally bring on the LOL's...adorable kiddos (p.s. tar-jay is my fave hangout too ;)

Kelli said...

That is so funny because Ivy begs for that cart and I always say no (because it is so big to move around)..So fun!

Leah said...

Love me some Tar-get! Don't ya just love the limo's of bascarts? Wish I could have seem you pushing that thing around! ;) Awesome being a mom of two huh? lol the perks....oh the perks!

Paula Sloan said...

My kids freaking love that cart too and I hate that monster with a passion. You gotta start turning a good 10 yards before the end of the aisle. UGH! Oh, and my latest "get through Target with Kiddos" tactic is the $2 popcorn and a drink special. For $4 total, my kids are no longer "can I have this and can I have that" every 1.4 seconds! Hail the Super Target Cart! (do you have Super Target?)

Kim said...

We don't have those at our Target!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! If I ever find one, I may bring it home with me!!! I suppose you'll be going to Target a lot more, huh?!?!?

Grace said...

Wait till you find one that has a little mini car in the front...or wait, Home Depot has one that looks like a truck and room for 2 kids in the front even with steering wheels!

-Stacy and Ted said...

oh yeah... we've been using those carts FOREVER. The kids STILL love those carts... and they're FIVE now! Try steering it with 2 50lb kids in it! :)

Kimberly and Ed said...

I have never seen those carts at my Target either! Love the pictures:-)

Kelly said...

Awesome! I let Briar ride in a "car" one at the grocery store the other day (a VERY rare treat for her!) and the thing is a beast to drive!

Lacey B. said...

My kids love that thing! Chase spotted it last time we went in Target. It is a monster cart!

Jenny said...

wow, that's awesome! it's like the minivan of shopping carts. :)

Anonymous said...

That is a great cart! But, I have NEVER ever used any cart but a 'normal' one, I am one of the bad parents that refused to let my kids ride in any of the 'fun' carts, you know, the ones that look like cars and stuff. I'm just a horrible mom, BUT I knew I would look ridiculous trying to push two kids in a cart when I am only 5' 2". So hooray for you!!!

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