Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beep Beep

we got a new car the other day.

it's for Charlie

he actually really likes it

and figured out how the horn worked pretty quickly

I swear the kid actually smiles
(I just can't catch it on film very often)

'racing' is the new favorite past time

they never get tired of it

it's so super exciting

and something they can do together

and really enjoy

thank goodness it has a handle ... it makes steering so much easier. 


oh, and something really special happened today.

Charlie came to me
I wasn't holding anything that he would want. 
And he just walked straight up to me and lifted his
arms for me to lift him up. 

... and I held him and I hugged him ...

and then he was off again to explore.

I must admit, my heart started beating faster.
I've been talking to Bob about how Charlie won't just come
to me, and while I know he hasn't been home all that
long, I was beginning to wonder if maybe I wasn't doing enough
or maybe there was something I was doing wrong

So to see him smile, and just come walking quickly towards me,
made me ohhh so happy and I felt a twinge of relief.

I'm not saying that the attachment process is done and now we can just
live happily ever after, but I'm saying that things are going in the right direction.

later in the evening he came up to me a bunch more times. 
I kept saying to Bob, 
'You saw that right? He came just came up to me!'

We were watching kpop videos and the kids were dancing.
So periodically Charlie would just walk over for me to pick him up
and he'd just want to sit next to me. 
He'd look up at me and laugh and wave his arms while he danced
and then after a short bit he'd get down and walk around some more. 

It just feels good to be at this point. 
To feel like you're seeing some progress and not just thinking you are.

Now if we could just get the kids to share, I'd really be flying high!


scatterbrainliz said...

Oh Rachel,
Your post was so sweet. Great to hear Charlie is starting to come to you and wants to be held. You must be doing something right ;)!

Even though sometimes it's a struggle, you get glimpses all your hard work is starting to pay off.

Leah said...

Yah! Claire and Charlie are SOO adorably cute racing side by side!

Your post made my heart melt! What a great sensation to see him come to you, arms stretched out. Feel the love! Great job mama! Love the post and pictures! So gushy sweet! :)

Lindsay said...

Love it! That car is one of the best toy purchases we ever made! Still going strong 4 kids later. :)

Sounds like you and Charlie are making wonderful progress too! I am so happy for you. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

How fun for both kids to race, looks like they do enjoy it. And a super duper yeah for Charlie coming to you...sure does melt a mom's heart. Don't get used to it, there are more times to come!! Enjoy!

Big House Creations said...

LOVE those little cars! Got one for my Evan at that age, and he sat in it (in the house) for days before we even took it outside. Maiya is now loving it, too. They are the best!

So glad to hear things are going well with Charlie!

Kimberly and Ed said...

Kyle would l-o-v-e that car!!! It is so fun to see Claire & Charlie playing together and how wonderful that Charlie is starting to come to you!

Lacey B. said...

You take such great pictures! I can not get any of my kids to smile at the camera these days... might have a little to do with me ALWAYS taking pictures! Did you take a class? You need to teach me a thing or two. ;)

Kmoana said...

bella has this exact same car! only thing is, it makes her ears itch like crazy! lol! only on the bumpy sidewalks, i think it needs new shocks.

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