Thursday, November 18, 2010

the GOOD ATTITUDE princess

Meet Rapunzel

in our house she is the bringer of 'good attitudes'

she comes complete with a blonde hair extension
(for her ... or for you ... take your pick)

we've been having some issues with attitudes in our home lately. 
primarily with the eldest daughter.

so it was decided that Rapunzel could come join our family as long
as a certain 3 year old could act like a big girl. 
(that includes no throwing fits and eating all of your food)

when Rapunzel made her entrance this evening 
(thank goodness Daddy works close to a Target)
I had a little talk with Claire about the expectations
that came along with this particular princess.

Claire, you can sleep with Rapunzel tonight
only if you do NOT throw a fit when I tell you it's time to go to bed.
And you can't throw a fit when it's time to go potty 
or brush your teeth.
And in the morning, I will put Rapuzel on the counter
and after you've finished eating all of your food, you can have her again.
And when it's lunch time, I will put her again on the counter
and when your food is all gone you can play with her. 
Same goes for dinner. I will put Rapunzel on the counter
until you finish eating all of your food. 

Do you understand?

Mom - that's enough talking about Rapunzel. 
She can't even talk yet. 

Um... okay?

Apparently to get Rapunzel to 'talk'
Claire would tap her on the chest and yell

hey Rapunzel!
Can you hear me? 
Can you hear me?

Somehow that must have awakened Rapunzel's vocal chords
because after that she couldn't stop talking.

Here she is talking to 'Molly'.
(Claire is currently obsessed with Molly - who is from the movie 'Annie')

tonight, bedtime was super easy.
no fits. no fuss. 

let's hope this princess can deliver the goods tomorrow. 


chubbymonkey said...

Your daughter is so beautiful and photogenic! You take great photos of her too!

Lacey B. said...

Wow! Funny how Rapunzel gets around... The Binky Fairy came to our house to pick up all of Elladies Binkys 2 weeks ago and left her a beautiful Rapunzel Princess for being such a big girl too!

Lucille05 said...

We do the same thing (but I'm pretty sure it's called bribery...) in our house!! Positive reinforcement...sounds better than bribery. And it WORKS:)

Lucille05 said...
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T said...

I think I need a Rapunzel for me... for when I have a terrible attitude! tara :-)

Stephanie Williams said...

When our little Seoul man came home, our daughter's really bad attitude came along with him. I feel your pain. I hope Rapunzel works!

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