Sunday, October 10, 2010

Countdown to Korea: 2 Days Left

less than 48 hours left

and then I'm leaving on a plane

enduring 12.5 hours of sheer awfulness
(okay, so maybe that was a bit extreme)

enduring 12.5 hours of sheer lame-ness

there's a ton of randomness going through my brain

I have to switch my wallet over to my new one

where did I put my tennis shoes

cash or traveler's checks

should I carry my jewelry with me or pack it in the suitcase

gotta pack an overnight bag for Bob & Claire

Skype needs to be set up

where are my One Republic CDs

should I buy some books for the ipad

don't forget the notepad

has everything been printed

will I actually get ice cream on my flight

gotta take my watch to get the batteries changed

I could go for a chocolate glazed donut

Mary Leigh will be arriving around 11:30p Monday night in San Fran. Can't wait for her to arrive and appreciate so much that she's willing to travel with me. She's coming straight from her brother's wedding, and should be quite tuckered out. I have a feeling that we'll be chatting a ton... I hope that makes the 12+ hour flight fly by... for reals. 

Alright, well, enough of blogging. I have two suitcases that finally made their way downstairs. Guess it's time to start filling them with gifts and other random stuff. 


Paula Sloan said...

WOW mama! You're SO close now! Yes, you and ML will be chatting it up the whole way and that flight will go by quickly. Enough procrastinating, it's time to finish up and hit the road! Charlie, look out, your mom is comin'!

Robin said...

I am so excited for you and ML! What a wonderful time you will both have :) Charlie, Mommy is coming!

lizvedvik said...

Good luck and have an amazing time in Seoul:) Cant wait to see a photo of Charlie in your arms. (and if I remember correctly you get the choice of a pot of noodles or an ice cream at 3am on the flight (if flying throught he night)Most importantly savour every moment, it goes too fast.

Little Lesiw said...

I pot of noodles or ice cream?!?!? That is hilarious. And I'll take the ice cream thank you very much ;)

I don't know why I'm so fixated on the ice cream. They show it on the website and I just think that's really cool. LOL

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