Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good Morning Korea!

Okay, so today will be a day of 'firsts' for me.

 Let me start by saying that I woke up at 5:30a... 
if you know me, then you know that right there is a miracle in and of itself. 

I have the drapes open in my room so I can see the sun rise. 
Which I'm not sure if I'm positioned right, but I'm guessing 
I'll at least see darkness fade away and the light will get brighter.
 (that's how it works, right?)

Oh, and I have to start by saying that from my walk through the airport to the ride in the most awesome van to our hotel, I think I've completely fallen in love with Seoul. Granted, I still have to see how much I 'love' it after fighting the crowds in the busy market places. But I'm thinking the odds are still looking good. 

I know a ton of people have said that they love Seoul, but foolishly (yet again... I seem to be foolish a lot lately) I thought it was just because their child came from there. Not because the city itself was cool. Again, I might be speaking a bit prematurely since I only saw it at night, but the short glimpse I've had, definitely makes me want to see more. 

Oh. And about my last post title. 

um... yeah. 
the girls here are crazy pretty.
and crazy skinny.
and I think my neck is bigger than their thighs.

but whatever. 

Well, it looks like my sunrise is more of a light fog. 
But now that it's officially 'light out'
I think I'm going to go start my day. 

Today is all about shopping. I think we'll head down 
to Insadong first and put in my Name Chop orders. 

Updates will be coming soon. 
(and they'll include photos, so you don't get bored )


Kelly said...

Not getting bored with your no-picture posts AT ALL!!! I'm so 'home'sick for Seoul right now it's unreal; yes, it is one COOL city!!

Yay for name chops! Can't wait to see Briar's!!

KJ said...

yay!!! have a super time in seoul. it really is a very cool city (i'm not biased, i swear!).

go to Myeongdong--the great Lotte Dept store is there (with a very impressive ready-to-eat food collection) and the great Shinsegae Dept store is also right around there...Plus there's all kinds of good street food in the back streets of myeongdong. have a blast!

Kim said...

Ok, first, what is a name chop? And second, do I want one? :0)

And third...lovin' the wake up post! Keep 'em coming!

I'm this close (pinching my fingers VERY close together) to getting on plane and joining you!

Hope you find some fabric too!!!

Susan said...

So excited to hear about your time in Seoul - it brings back so many wonderful memories of our time there! The city and the people there will sink into your soul and stay with you for a long time - it's a wonderful place! Don't forget to get some cream puffs in the Crown Bakery right around the corner from the Somerset when you begin walking down the main street in Insadong! Good energy for all that shopping!

Elizabeth and Dan said...

Yea for the blog updates! The view from your hotel is pretty much AMAZING!!! Hope you find some good bargains today. What day do you meet Charlie???? Can't wait to see you too together. =)

Karen said...

Loving all your posts! I know what you mean about all the teeeny-tiny ladies. My SIL is one of them! I always feel like such a GIANT when I am around a bunch of Koreans--LOL!

JimandJackie said...

I want to come too, I think I am stalking you ladies! At 5'4 and size 4 I felt like a GIANT in Korea!!!

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