Thursday, October 21, 2010

Out and About

So I figured it was about time that we got out of our cave 
and out into the real world. 

The plan was to head over to the mall 
and hit up Babies R Us across the street.

but then I saw that our mall was on fire...
... and there was a possible hostage situation


so instead we went to Target
and when we got home we hung out for a bit outside.

Claire rode her bike, and Charlie walked around.

It was actually pretty fun.

(notice the teeth in this one? he's going to cost us a bundle)

Claire had fun riding around but didn't want Charlie to touch her bike.

So when she started heading back our way, 
I was curious to see what would happen.

Charlie was excited to see her coming

Eye Contact was made - but no smile was engaged

 She's accessing the situation at hand

And makes a last minute swerve 

 Successfully passing her brother without a scratch

I know that one of these days these two will be best of buds.

(at least that's what I'm hoping)


Leah said...

That's a Hallmark moment! Well, at least it will be when they're older and can laugh about it! Love the pictures, so glad you all are settling in. Keep up the good work mamma!

KJ said...

oh my gosh! your children are beautiful!!! love the play-by-play of the whole situation! very funny & cute!

CJ said...

So wonderful to see you all out and about! Your kids are total cutie pies! Love the quick swerve! She is very clever!

Jessica said...

I so read about the mall fire yesterday. I love the pictures. And, even if Claire and Charlie are the best of friends later, she still won't want him to touch her bike. :-P.....It's just the nature of the sibling beast. My three are best of friends and they still have MY BIKE. I think it has to do with the freedom of transportation.

Jaci Monaghan said...

She's so expressive that you can almost read her thoughts.

Awesome pictures!

MandK said...

I love the bike bypass...too funny. Both Charlie and Claire are so cute. You are truely blessed

Kimberly and Ed said...

Love the bike sequence photos and want Charlie's outfit for Kyle - too cute!!!

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