Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Subway

I know many of you have heard about Seoul's subway system
and how it's super easy to navigate.

I have to say, it IS easy to navigate...
if you have someone who knows HOW to navigate.

I've never been one who was really good with directions, 
so if Mary Leigh wasn't there to take the lead,
I'm not sure if I would have figured it out. 
Well, maybe I would have, but it would have taken me a few days.

Once we got our tickets, down the stairs we went.

First thing that is awesome about the subway 
is the flat screens that tell you when the trains are coming. 

Second would have to be how modern it all is.
The doors separate you from the trains...
which I actually like. 

This is how CLEAN it is inside. 
Seriously, I think the floors were sparkling.

I saw some open seats so I quickly grabbed them.
Then I realized who they were for. 

 Okay, THIS was awesome!
and sadly, I missed most of it while I was trying to get my camera.

When we got off the train, I swear at least 50+ people were 
to make it on the train. And these were full grown adults.

Once we arrived at our destination 
(Lotte Mart
we decided to get some lunch in their food court.

Mary Leigh suggested we try the Bulgogi Burger
since everyone raves about it. 
And then she saw one that came on rice!

This bad boy had the sweetness of Bulgogi
with fabulo-so-ness of rice. 
Seriously. I think I died and went to heaven.

 This was the 'set' meal

If you want to know how much I liked it...
look at my face.


Elizabeth and Dan said...

Wow! I think I have to visit Seoul! That subway is definitely the nicest I've ever seen. =) Can't wait to see what you bought!

Kim said...

You are making me miss Seoul SO much!!! And let me just say that that meal makes me want to hop a plane right now!! Are you kidding me?!?!? DELISH!!!

Robin said...

You are making me hungry! That burger looks really tasty! So glad you are having a wonderful time :)

scatterbrainliz said...

I love following your blog and reading all about your adventures! Looking forward to seeing the end result of your shopping trip.

JimandJackie said...

I will forever have the subway noise, that little chim when you arrive...this is Anguk, anguk...haha!

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