Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome to the land of Skinny Jeans, Stretch Pants and Stilettos

Well... I finally made it. And honestly - the flight wasn't that bad! Really! I was pretty shocked myself. It's crazy how your perspective changes with your situation. I mean, I could hardly believe that I was saying, 'oh, 7 hours left? Well, we're almost half way...' or 'We only have 3 hours left. We're almost done...'

I will say that Singapore Airlines is pretty darn nice. I couldn't get over the amount of leg room! And your seat really reclines. It was fabulous. They pretty much feed you non-stop and there were great movies to watch too. All in all, I'd totally fly with them again. Two thumbs up.

Here's my plane. 
Everyone else gets these super cool shots.
oh well.

All the luggage for two chicks

There were actually a ton of people where this 
sign was so I got a huge flash of embarrassment right 
before I took this picture.
But then I remembered that I'll never see them again.

 The view from my room.
The Somerset is SOOOOO nice. 
This picture could use some help, but I'm too tired
to get a better shot.

I rubbed my eye too hard when I was in the taxi on 
the way to the hotel. So this is what it looks like. 
I'm pretty sure the girls at the front desk thought
Satan just checked in. 
(I know the coloring is super off but I'm too tired to fix it)

So the theme of being 'too tired' is definitely taking it's toll. 
I'm off to get some sleep. 

Tomorrow our plans have changed a bit, so we actually have a 'free' day.
The plan is to start the shopping!!!

Hope we find some goodies 
(how could we not?)

And I'll be sure to update again really soon. 

Good night for now. 


Leah said...

YYYAAAHHHH, you're there! So glad your flight wasn't 'bad' lol! Love the posts, and pictures, maybe except for the eye shot! jk.. hope it gets better sooner than later...congrats on making it this far, ENJOY! and bring sweet Charlie home soon!

Kim said...

Welcome to Seoul!! (And your title says it all!) How 'bout those barely there flight attendants?!?!? Those girls are less than double zeroes! Hope you shop till you drop!

Robin said...

You made it! Have a great day shopping!

scatterbrainliz said...

Great to hear your flight went smoothly! Enjoy your shopping trip!

ksmiles11 said...

Awesome!!! So glad that you arrived safe and sound and with relative ease it sounds??? Very cool! Love you...thinking about you lots...praying for you again right now!

andy and meg said...

Wow! I can't believe you are there and that the flight was so awesome! The cityscape picture you took looks amazing. Seoul looks like a huge party. I can't wait to hear more!

Jessica said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah! You're there. Have a blast shopping and site seeing. Take care of your eye. :-) I can't wait till your next update....

JimandJackie said...

Ditto to the flight attendants...umm is that size possible, and they are so beautiful! LOVE the Somerset! SO glad you both arrived safely, countdown to HOLT?????

Melissa Smith said...

Hi! I posed this on Mary Leigh's blog, hoping to reach her. Since she is traveling with you, I hope you don't mind me trying to reach her via your blog as well, as I have a time-sensitive request for her. Many thanks (and please pardon the intrusion!) Best wishes to your and yours as Charlie is finally placed in your arms!

Mary Leigh,
Hi there. I have stalked your adoption blog over the past year, and missed your recent change to a new blog, so I was so thankful to have found it the other day – boy, Bates has grown! I am writing today with a crazy request, since you don’t know me from Adam, but I have a dear, dear friend who (after four long years waiting to adopt from China, and switching to her agency’s Korean program) received a referral for her precious son a little over a month ago. His birth mother is Korean and his father is African-American. Being bi-racial caused him to be placed on the “waiting child list” – which sped up the process for my friend – but he is in perfect health, praise the Lord! He is just the cutest thing! Mom forwarded his recent well-baby report, and there at the top (clear as day) was the name “Holt”. I recognized it, of course, from your blog, but didn’t give it another thought – until today. Today I caught up with your blog and realized that you are in Korea, and if I read correctly, are scheduled to visit the babies on Friday morning. Which leads me to the crazy request…if you have a minute (as I know your time must be limited), would you be willing to inquire about him and peek in on him? His name is O Jon, and his birthday is 12/28/09 (so he is almost 10 months old). His adoptive parents’ names are Larry and Renata, and they live in NY. Any little tidbit of information would be wonderful – and I would be so appreciative and honored to pass it on. As Larry doesn’t fly, Jon will be escorted home. They’re hoping and praying this happens before Christmas (and Jon’s first birthday!) If you see him, please give him a squeeze and tell him that his mommy and daddy love him so very much, and are counting the days until he comes home. Many people are praying him home, and waiting to finally love on him! I’m not going to say anything to Mom, in case you don’t get this message in time for your visit. But I’m hopeful that you will, as I’m certain that my finding your new blog, and reading your recent updates, and putting two and two together today had to be orchestrated by Him. Please contact me directly at Thank you so very much for your kindness! Most sincerely, Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melissa Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melissa Smith said...

My sincerest apologies - computer glitch - not sure why that posted a million times...

Karen said...

So glad your flight was OK and you made it. Hope you are getting some great rest! Can't wait to read about your adventures--thanks for sharing your trip with us!

Paula Sloan said...

WOO HOO!!! Glad you made it okay.. minus the eye situation. Hopefully it is cleared up today. Have fun shopping and enjoying Seoul. We can't wait for more!

Oh, I had to add... my boys now know ALL the words to The Final Countdown and even do the instrumental intro. Hysterical! Thanks for that!

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