Thursday, October 14, 2010

Night Adventures

After walking all day we came back to the hotel
so I could Skype with Bob and  we could take
a little break before our next outing.

I had met a girl from Sacramento on the plane who was
vacationing in Seoul by herself. She was staying
at a hostel, so I invited her to meet up with us for dinner & shopping.

On the recommendation of the hotel staff, 
we headed back to Insadong to a place that was known
for excellent Bibimbap.

When we walked in, here's what we saw:

So we followed suit and took our shoes off too.

Nice how I look like a monster with itty bitty Mary Leigh.
I may look like I'm happy, but I wasn't.
I'm too fat old to be sitting on the floor. And that scarf
I'm wearing? That was taken off two seconds later as I think
it was actually 95 degrees in that place. 

 I happened to look over and see their kimchee pots outside. 
(so please excuse the glare from the windows)

 Our side dishes. 
Let's just say it made me realize how 'westernized' the
Korean restaurants I visit back home are.

I forgot to take a photo of our food when it first came out.
So this is what was left of it. 

After we finished eating, we headed back to the subway
to hit up a couple of more markets.

So yeah... everyone is on their cell phones.
That's just how Korea rolls.
(even on the subway

Walking through one of the night markets

Here's a little game I like to call
Where's Waldo Rachel
did yah find me? 

Street Food 

Selling Fish in the Street 

Outdoor Eating Areas 

This is my favorite outdoor eating area.
In my kdramas, the characters are always eating/drinking
in these orange tents.

Frying up some deliciousness 

 A table full of sweets.

This is the one I bought.

It could use a bit more sugar. 

So that was the end of our night adventure. Turned out the second market we went to didn't actually open up until 10pm. So we saw a few shops, but nothing like what it would be like during their 'regular' business hours. Also... I wasn't able to get fabric. That place was actually closed and wouldn't open until the morning. Oh well. 

And speaking of tomorrow morning... 

I'm getting Charlie tomorrow!

which is actually your 'today', but just later. 

So at 6:30pm PST (on Thursday), I'll be meeting Charlie for the first time.

I can't believe that this time is actually here. 
I thought that I would be really anxious the day before getting him,
but I've actually been super calm about it.
But I've already warned Mary Leigh that I'll probably start
bawling the moment I see him for reals.
and sadly, I'm not even kidding. 

So now I shall get to bed as I'm thoroughly exhausted 
from all the walking I've done. 

Sleep should come pretty quickly
so hopefully morning will come even quicker. 

Charlie, your Momma is coming for you!


CJ said...

Great post and pics! Good luck tomorrow/today when you pick up Charlie! I am sooo happy for you!!!!

Sara said...

Okay, so I just finished looking through all your posts and I have to say, you made someone who has NEVER had a desire to visit Korea, now want to. Wait till Ben finds out where our next vacation destination is... ;)

Glad you've had such a great experience so far, and will be thinking about you meeting Charlie face to face today... for the first time. Awesome.

Please say hello to all our "cousins" over there... ;)

Jessica said...

Oh Rach,
I can't wait to hear about you meeting Charlie! Your pictures are bringing back so, so many memories. I'm so glad that you are enjoying Seoul. And, yeah, sitting on the floor for dinner was a bit awkward. :-) But, you're doing good,kid.

The Smiths said...

So, did you like the food, or do you prefer the westernized version?

You must be so excited to meet Charlie. I'm sure your friend (whose name suddenly escapes me) will shed a few tears as well.

MandK said...

Oh my goodness...looks like you are having an amazing time...try to sleep. I cant wait to see the Charlie post! Good luck. Its ok to cry. This is what you've been waiting for ! Yay!

Kim said...

I LOVE the Where's Rachel photo!! I didn't see you at blended right in. :0)

I'll be thinking about you tonight...yes, yes, yes!! Go get that Charlie!!

And boo on the fabric!

ngieck said...

I am enjoying reading all about your trip! I have to get myself to Korea. YAY Charlie will be in your arms before you know it :)

JimandJackie said...

LOVE that restaurant!!! Did you eat a pastry with honey and nuts in it...fried and SO good. Or the walnit cakes sold those. Cannot wait to see Charlie!!!

Karen said...

So you know I am totally loving your "Where's Rachel?" (I was wondering if you were going to post any pics. hahhahaaa) BTW, the photos are awesome--I laugh because I have so many similar photos from our trip to Korea five years ago--even the cell phone people on the subway. ha! And the shoes. I have meant to get pics of shoes by (inside and outside) our front door when we have a party, but I haven't been able to get it yet.

Susan said...

You make me want to be in Seoul all over again!! Love all your pictures and your great posts! I will be thinking of you tomorrow - so happy you'll finally see your Charlie!!

Kelly said...

Your posts are so fun to read!! So happy that your day is finally here to meet and squeeze Charlie. Don't you love the food? I love the water bottles that they bring to your table and the cute little water glasses and the mandu!! I wish I had taken more pics so keep them coming...breathe in and out and enjoy this amazing adventure.

Elizabeth and Dan said...

Great pictures Rachel! I am so glad you are making the most of your visit to Seoul embracing the culture, trying new foods, getting down with the locals. So excited to see your post tomorrow about Charlie's gotcha day!

Mama Kat said...

Its been OVER an hour since you have had Charlie! What the delay girlfriend! :) seriouslly friends need to see friends babies before they go crazy...just sayin'

Ellen said...

Rachel, I am finally home and with sleeping baby in crib, able to check in on your journey...seeing your pictures of the night life and food brings the sites and smells alive. There are some parts of Seoul that I hope can live on even here at home with us.

I can't wait to see pictures of your Charlie and here of your meeting. It is so amazing and DJ is wonderful. I was so worried about just falling into a blubbering puddle, but did pretty good until her FM began to cry and tell her goodbye, then I hiccuped sobbed as they passed us into the taxi. My son just looked at me and said mom, why are you crying so hard. I said because she loved her so much. Her FM will always hold a piece of my heart.

Can't wait til your home and we can chat! Praying for you and your sweet boy as you get to know one another and begin to is amazing!!!

Kimberly and Ed said...

The street food looks soooo delicious!!! I have enjoyed reading all your posts and look forward to seeing your next post with Charlie in your arms! You have been in my thoughts and prayers all day.

innotof said...

You crack me UP!!! Love all the detail and you had me laughing out loud :)

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