Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Okay... I think I'm getting excited now.

I made it to the airport. 

I cried when I said good-bye to Claire
she then turned to me and said, 

'Mom... can you start my movie.'

I guess she'll be JUST fine.

Of course started crying really hard when I said good-bye to Bob.

I think he was a bit embarrassed that the length of my hug time
exceeded the 'natural ending' point and moved onto 'awkward holding'.

he'll be just fine too. 

The girl at the ticket counter was super nice. She was excited for me
that I was bringing home a baby. So of course I showed her
Charlie's picture. She let our baggage go through,
even though it was 'over' weight.


We found out that the flight over and coming back is full. 

not so awesome.

You know else is not so awesome? 
Deciding to try and wear your hair 'curly' when in reality you 
only have a 'wave pattern' to your hair. And trying out a styling
product that you've never used before because you don't 
want to have to open the suitcases that you spent forever packing. 
Tack onto that the fact that you didn't put on any make-up because
of course that's all in the suitcase as well 
and you're already lugging around a 40lb bag.
(well, it feels like it's 40lbs)

I know. I'm looking pretty smokin' hot right now. 
(I'm already trying to channel my inner Korean by my photo poses)

And here's the teenager that I'm chaperoning. 

I know. Super cute. What evs.

Alright. I'm off to find a restroom. I'll probably have 'to go' at 
least 5 more times before our flight leaves. It's a by-product of my
fear/distain for airplane lavatories. I mentally tell myself that if I keep emptying
my bladder I won't have to use the one on the plane. 

(sorry if that was TMI)

and don't forget to check out Mary Leigh's Blog.
She just told me she blogged about traveling with me.
so now I have to make sure she didn't tell any lies.


Kim said...

You look adorable!!! And so does ML! I can't believe you already blogged!! You rock!! Safe travels!! Korea here you come!

CJ said...

You two look gorgeous! Have a great time!!! Can't wait to see you with Charlie in your arms!

Sunshine said...

I'm so jealous that I wasn't invited to go with you two hotties! Just kidding, but you both look great and you will have a fabulous time in Seoul. Be aware that we will all be stalking your blog--post every single detail, and picture, please! I will be living vicariously through you and will be waiting for that Charlie post! ;)

Lindsay said...

You guys are both too cute! You made me laugh, cry, and smile with your post. I am so excited to hear about the rest of your trip. Safe Travels! Next stop KOREA!

Paula Sloan said...

Have fun chicas! Y'all are both cracking me up on your blogs... You both look super-cute and excited. Enjoy the flight together... next stop... Seoul!!! I'm living vicariously through you!

aunt luanne said...

Take care of that "teenager" you are traveling with! She is my niece. Have fun, enjoy every single minute, and bring home that sweet baby. Prayers coming from Indiana. Go MARY LEIGH AND RACHEL!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Oh my girl! Have a blast. I can't wait to meet Charlie and read about your travels.

scatterbrainliz said...

Looking forward to reading more about the adventure!

JimandJackie said...

I wish I was with you cuties! I wore NO make up on the flight home...after my Mom hugged P she told me I looked exhausted...umm yeah. Next time..strong sleep aid and mascara!

Leah said...

Just don't hurt'em ladies! We want Korea to be standing when we all get there! Seriously, can't wait for blog posts, pictures, and whatever else you throw our way! Congrats to you both, hoping for safe and sound travels, excitement when you get there and peace on your way home. We're all thinking about you.....

Jenny said...

i'm so excited to follow your girl's trip to korea. i know you're there to pick up your long awaited charlie but i think it's totally awesome that you get to go with a holt buddy! have a blast. :)

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