Sunday, October 3, 2010

Countdown to Korea: 9 Days Left

Yesterday was sooooo productive. 

today... not so much.

First off, we woke up super late. That always throws things off, and I also wasn't feeling very well. 
But by a few hours later, I was back to my old self. 

I did manage to get some photos taken though. 

Here's my sweet girl in her Halloween Dress:

Here she is doing her best 
'red carpet pose'
(does anyone else notice how the 'in thing' is to cross your legs?)

I told her to jump.
There goes my award for 'Creative Modeling Poses'

Her mouth might be smiling
but her eyes are yelling, "I'M DONE DOING THIS"

The bedrooms in our house are super small. So basically
this is the only shot I could get. It's her big girl bed. 

I got these cute wall decals at PBK and I think they're super cute
(that's not technically garbage underneath... just so you know)

Here's Charlie's Room. 
The bed consists of a queen mattress set on the floor. 

I was looking for a 'world map' to hang on the wall
and I ended up finding this guy. 
It's a bit more 'kid-ish' than I originally planned on, but I actually
really like it. It's a great way to bring in some color and 
over all it's just fun to look at.

Here's the crib and his 'name'. 
My plan is to spray paint the letters orange so that 
they pop more. I'm really into orange right now.

 Anyway... I guess that's it. The ninth day passed rather quickly. 
Here's to the last EIGHT!


andy and meg said...

Wow! Those rooms look straight out of Pottery Barn! Lookin good ;)

Elizabeth and Dan said...

I am seriously impressed!!! You must be working hard to get ready! I love the flower decals for Claire's room. Nice work!

Kimberly and Ed said...

I L-O-V-E Claire's Halloween dress! Both rooms look great!!! I love how you have Charlie's name hanging above his crib:-)

Leah said...

LOVE your pictures, your sweet little cutie, her big girl bed, and Charlie's room! Almost time to leave!! :)

Karen said...

Those photos of Claire are GORGEOUS! She is soooooo pretty! I love the kids' rooms! I have eyed those flowers at PBK for a while. They are so cute, and I will look at them in the store and think, "Where can I use these in our house?" ;o) But Kate has the Target owls (for now--for a while she kept peeling the decals off, so she has less than she used to). OH, and I LOVE that map art for Charlie's room. EVERYTHING looks great! You all have done a fabulous job!

Mama Kat said...

must know where you got Claires dress from....super so cute! :)
rooms are cute too, but I need that dress (well, 2 of them...)

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