Saturday, October 16, 2010

People of South Korea

today we were actually meeting up with DJ during the afternoon
and she arrived earlier than expected. So my last post got delayed for
publishing - so that means lucky you - there's yet another post.

(it won't hurt my feelings if you pass on reading this)

Today we decided to go to a 'craft market' for lack of better words,
that Mary Leigh some how discovered when she was researching all of
our shopping options before we came to Korea.

This market was located by one of the Universities and 
college kids make/sell their goods. 
DJ was so kind as to drive us over & be our guide.

drawings by the artist 
(she's the one on the left)

 cute trinkets

cell phone charms

Super Cutie in a Frog Hat

Felt Photo books

It was so much fun to walk around - and it was packed!

As we were walking around a corner, I saw these girls sitting there, 
so I thought I'd take their picture. That picture started what we
began referring to as 'the fake photo op'. 

Basically - Mary Leigh would stand somewhere near what ever it
was that I wanted to take a photo of, so it looked like I was taking her
picture. But of course, I'm actually focused on something else.

I know. Pretty brilliant on my part, right?

I decided that I wanted to a Blog Post on the people I've seen these
past few days that I've been here. I've mentioned before that
they are beautiful, and very well dressed. 

Well really, 'very well dressed' can mean something different to everyone.
So I thought if I could just get some photos of people that I found
interesting, then people could decide for themselves as to what
they thought. Boy - it was pretty tricky trying to get some of these photos.
And I'll apologize in advance for the poor quality. 

(also, if you 'double click' the photo - it'll become 'bigger')

Oh. And there's quite a few photos.

Bow Ties on a Saturday afternoon.

Remember what I said about stretch pants?

love the shoes, love the bag, love it!

nylons are everywhere.
I think it's a staple. 

 Some of the College Kids

Girl on the left - too skinny. 

I love this. 
In Korea its very common to see two boys
or two girls holding hands or having their arms 
around each other. It has no 'other' meaning 
besides the two of them are friends. 
I really like that.

 headed to the yogurt shop. 

nothing clever to say.
except I wish my legs looked like that.

apparently this is her 'going to the craft market' outfit.

a little girl in a clothing store

Check out her Shoes!!!
I wish I had shoes like that.

only in Korea... only in Korea

I wanted to get more photos of 'boys'
So Mary Leigh was the bait.

poor quality photo - but high quality fur

even though I'm not a fan of light shoes on dark tights
this somehow seems to work for her.

I asked DJ why girls were so dressed up in 
the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday.

Just looked at me and said...

'They're Korean women. That's what we do.'

You know. I think I actually like that concept.
I mean, how often do we get to dress up? 
How fun would it be to actually put effort into 
looking your best just to go to a craft market...

... or get yogurt
... or to hang out with your girlfriends
... or just walk around on a Saturday afternoon.

but this is also coming from the girl who 
is currently wearing a T-shirt and her black stretchy pants.


Robin said...

I love all the photos! The craft market looked like so much fun. Charlie was adorable in the cute frog hat!

Jessica said...

Oh good, I get to be right behind Robin--who apparently didn't sleep last night :-). I'm loving your photos and perspective. I have a lovely girlfriend here at home that is Korean. And, I have to agree, she is ALWAYS dressed better than the rest of us. I love Charlie's frog hat. I hope you bought it....

Derek and Julie said...

We have a picture of Will in the SAME frog hat (we bought him one while we were at Hondai market as well). So fun. Thanks for bringing back happy memories.

Kmoana said...

Rach I absolutely LOVE this perspective from are making me miss Korea BIG TIME, like really homesick...I KNEW you would love it there...I would dance for that frog hat, Charlie is scrumptious!!!

Leah said...

I agree, love your perspective and the photos. I was really curious about their styles and what was popular right now. Thanks for the insight! :) BTW - little Charlie is such a cutie patutie!

LearningPatienceAZ said...

Ok, I love your blog...LOVE all your photos...and I love Korea & haven't been there (yet). :) Thanks for sharing all these fabulous photos--and the people are so beautiful there! WOW!

Jenny said...

all i can say is that i would feel so out of place if i were in korea because most days i'm lucky if i look halfway decent when i step out of the house. :)
btw, i love that craft market!

T said...

Oh how I miss my Korea......

Dena said...

Wow, love these pictures!! I've heard that Koreans dress really well. Now I've seen it. Still don't think I'll be packing any nylons & heels to take to Seoul!

Anonymous said...

I like your pictures and they capture the culture. Although it has been over 15 years since I have visited Seoul, the women definitely have a fashion sense. Look at those high heels!

Ellen said...

What University were you near? We stayed near Yongik University...lots of street fair and young people!

Okay, so there was totally this picture that I wanted to take..actually a few, but my boy refused to be bait, although the school girls loved him and wanted to practice their English with him!

We were out one night and these two business men, probably 60's were walking down the street hand in hand, fingers enterlaced...totally nothing you would see here as "just friends" gesture!

Also, I loved that the Koreans walked hand in hand and arm in arm, because my very shy 10 year old soon walked arm and arm or hand in hand with me the whole week and wasn't a bit embarrased!

I hope you made it home and your sweet boy and girl are doing well!

Kimberly and Ed said...

Love this post!!! I was also fascinated with how well dress everyone was when we were in Korea! The craft market looks amazing and the frog hat is soooo cute on Charlie!

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