Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thank you Auntie Me-Me & Uncle Andy

Yesterday when I got the mail there was a super fun package waiting.

It wasn't for me, but for Charlie & Claire.

 Auntie Me-Me & Uncle Andy sent a bunch of goodies for the kids

 but if I'm being honest, my favorite part was the
two pictures they sent for Charlie.

 it says,
'Hi Charlie - I'm your Aunt Megan'

and this one says,
'Hi Charlie - I'm your Uncle Andy'

 *I have to say, even though my brother and sister-in-law have
movie-star-good-looks, I think my son still prefers me. *


Here's the Mariners shirt they sent for him
(he got it dirty within 2 seconds of putting it on...)

and of course they sent the 'Asian guy'
(which made me laugh & I secretly super love)

I wanted to get a photo of the kids together...
but it's not that simple I'm finding.

But a big THANK YOU to Andy & Meg.
I really appreciate how you included little things for Claire.
That was so incredibly thoughtful of you and she 
just LOVES the new microphone!
(she's been singing songs into it non-stop)

On the 'transition' end, things are going pretty good. 
Charlie is sleeping through the night
and taking a couple of naps during the day.
He loves to be outside and he's eating well. 

we have his first appointment with the pediatric GI specialist tomorrow
and then Friday we have an appointment with a pediatric
cardiologist. Apparently his heart murmur is still there
so they want to follow up on it. 

Claire's transition is slow in coming, but I'm thinking 
that I might be seeing a smidge of improvement each day.

or maybe that's just wishful thinking

but I was able to capture this super cute photo the other night

so maybe not all hope is lost.


Karen said...

Oh my goodness, that photo is soooooo adorable!! What's funny is that our neighbors got Kate a microphone as a little gift when Isaac came home. hahaha! Love all the pictures. Aren't family care packages the best? Hope your appointments go well and glad the sleep is coming along. YAY!

Kelly said...

That last photo is awesome. I definitely don't think all hope is lost. She'll be doting on him in no time!

Kimberly and Ed said...

Awww...I love the last photo:-) What an awesome care package. I hope both appointment go well!

andy and meg said...

I was SCREAMING when I saw those pics of them holding our photos! TOO CUTE!! I am SO glad they liked the little stuff, and I can't get ENOUGH of Charlie in the Ichiro shirt. Thanks for the post, I can't get enough of the pics of those kids.

Thanks again :)

Jessica said...

Ah, your kiddos truly are darling!

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