Friday, October 22, 2010

Getting to know Charlie

We're coming up to Charlie being home for almost a week.

I can't believe that time has already gone by so quickly. 

a week passing means I only have a week left with Bob being home


but I won't focus on that... for now.

things that I have 'learned' about Charlie since being home:

he prefers to walk
he can pop back up super fast if he falls down
he's willing to try almost any food
but will spit it out if he doesn't like it
likes to fall asleep in the sitting position
and will fold in half when he passes out
he really likes his sister
even though he's bitten her twice
he loves biter biscuits
has learned to clap
tries to do the motions for 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' when I sing it
smiles a lot
squats when he has to poop
has huge lungs
put everything in his mouth
mimics a ton

Getting to know Charlie is coming along. 
I know it's going to take time before we really attach to each other
but I think I'm starting to see a little bit of progress each day.

Even though Claire is only three and a half, 
I have to say, I totally forgot what it was like to have a one year old.
It's amazing how much of a 'baby' he still is. 

Not that I actually had my act together before he came home,
but I see myself falling behind again...
forgetting to pack things in the diaper bag...
losing track of time...
you know ...  the basics

Alright. It's past my bedtime. This girl has got to get to bed.


Leah said...

It's so nice to hear those great things! Your comments sound so homey! :) Awesome to hear all the great things, even down to the mimicing! So cute! Yah for the Lesiws! Sounds like you're doing great mamma!

Jessica said...

Getting to know your little one is such a blast. :-) I'm glad that Charlie is still a baby.

JimandJackie said...

What a sweet baby, he is so darn cute!!!

innotof said...

He is just beautiful!

Kimberly and Ed said...

What a cutie!!!

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