Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Countdown to Korea: 7 Days Left

So weird to think that next week at this time I'll be on a plane... flying to Korea. What in the world. So crazy to think about. But in some ways it still doesn't feel real. It's like there was all this anticipation to keep getting to the next step and now that there isn't any more... I almost don't know what to do with myself. As I'm sitting here, my 'To Do' list is still full... but the procrastinator in me thinks I have a ton of time left. I did go get a bag to put all my toiletries in, so now I can start sorting through some of the bags that are sitting in the living room. 

A nice surprise came in my email today. I got Charlie's September Well Baby Check (WBC). I really didn't think I was going to get one, I just assumed his Visa Physical would be the last 'physical' type thing they would do. Anyway, here are some some of the highlights:

WEIGHT: 18 lbs
This is huge because he didn't gain any weight from July - August.
I'm thinking it was because he was sick and they hospitalized him. 
So from Aug - Sept he gained 1.5lbs. I wonder what he'll weigh when 
I get him as it'll be a full month after this WBC. 

NUTRITION: 'Moderate for his size'
This is actually awesome as it has always been stated as 'poor'.

Okay, so this is super awesome because when we first received Charlie's
file he was 2-3 months delayed. He's been catching up slowly, so it's 
amazing to think he's caught up to his peers. 
* I will say that I'm a bit skeptical about this. I mean, call me a pessimist, but 
it seems like he's improved a lot since his last WBC. But in reality it doesn't
really matter to me since I think he's perfect already ;)

There were some other things noted too. He's still on Nutramigen (boo!) but he's eating rice (yeah!) and he's now sitting really well by himself and even 'walking' while holding onto furniture - and standing on his own! He's not walking yet - but I am soooo okay with that not happening for a bit. 

And with that, I'll leave you with a photo of Claire
at dinner tonight.

She actually didn't want to wear the hat and was afraid that
people would be looking at her and they would laugh.


I guess I have my work cut out for me when she's in Jr. High.


Heather said...

Claire is adorable! Congrats on the new WBC too! He is doing great! & I know what you mean about it not seeming real! It does but doesn't at the same time!

Lindsay said...

That is wonderful news about Charlie! Sounds like he is doing great! Love the picture of Claire in the hat too! Forced or not she is always adorable. :)

andy and meg said...

Wow-Charlie's numbers sound GREAT! I can't believe how quickly he's catching up and already eating RICE! Awesome. But, I think you'll miss that sweet smell of the 'liquid gold' once it's gone. lol!

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