Monday, October 4, 2010

Countdown to Korea: 8 Days Left

Today felt like Fall. 

It was nice. So we went to the Pumpkin Patch with some friends.

Claire got to demonstrate her muscle strength as
she pulled her wagon of pumpkins around.

Some pumpkins made a perfect chair.

There were even some animals to visit:
a goat, a sheep, some smelly pigs and some horses.

But not to fear... we weren't that far from civilization.


Kelly said...

Good times are always had at the pumpkin patch! We're going this weekend (even though we have about 12 pumpkins from our garden..) just because it's FUN!!!

That last shot cracks me up!


JimandJackie said...

8 DAYS and keeping busy. The pictures are so cute!

Kimberly and Ed said...

Claire looks so cute sitting on the giant pumpkin:-) Yippee...8 more days!!!

Btw: love the song choice:-)

Karen said...

I LOVE the last photo! That is my kind of pumpkin patch! ;o) All the big (and "real") pumpkin patches around here are too far out of the city, which is why we've never been to one. Maybe we will make it this year. Maybe not. hahaha! There are some churches that set up pumpkin patches around the city, so that will do just fine, too. :o)

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