Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Doing Better

Last night wasn't that bad
(thank goodness)

Charlie didn't scream, but was more
restless and whimpered a lot. 

It resulted in not the best night's sleep
but I'll take it. 

I decided to try and switch up our sleeping arrangements as well.
Bob took down the crib and then the memory foam mattress pad I had
on the floor in the living room, was moved upstairs where the crib was.

I put pillows on the floor and made a cute little 'corner' for Charlie. 

He got tired around 9:30p or so, 
so we gave him a bottle and he didn't pass out
(like he normally does)

I decided to take him upstairs and see if he would go to sleep
 on his own - but I'd be there right next to him.

I'll skip the play-by-play but he did it.
all by himself.

I'm headed up to bed as soon as I'm done with this post. 
I'm hoping that I can get some sleep while I can,
as I have no idea what will happen with Charlie tonight.

I do want to say that I soooooooo appreciate all of the comments
that you guys have left on my last post.
It is so incredibly encouraging to hear your advice
and I'm so thankful that you're willing to give it. 

so again,


Time is already going by quickly.
I can't believe that Thursday is already here.
A week will have passed before I know it. 
Totally insane to think about.

I hope to be able to finish my Korea posts soon.
There's still a bit more in my brain that I'd
like to get down on 'paper' so I can remember what I'm thinking.
(my brain hasn't been working that great - so I better hurry)

But before I go, here's a photo of Charlie:

He loves to eat his food

and Me with my Girl
(this was before Charlie came home at a trip to the Zoo)

I'll start posting more photos of the kids - I promise.
(I mean, that's what people really want to see, right?)
But we're all looking a bit tore back from the floor back
so I can't risk anyone calling CPS
(this adoption ain't finalizing for 6 more months!)


MandK said...

I am glad that you are all settling in. I hope you can find your new routine quickly.

Robin said...

I'm so glad things are going better. We had to do something similar for our daughter in terms of sleeping arrangements. Her sleep improved dramatically when we abandoned the crib and put her on the floor. We put a mat in the corner for her and then a western-style mattress next to it (more comfortable for us as the mat is much harder than I'm use to). Hang in there! It will continue to improve. You have two beautiful children...thanks for posting the photos :)

scatterbrainliz said...

Glad things are starting to improve and hope it continues. Good luck!

Jessica said...

Very, very good news! I hope you got some sleep.

andy and meg said...

Good to hear that last night was a little more peaceful.

Tell Charlie and Claire to expect something in the mail soon from Auntie Me-me and Uncle Andy ;)

Karen said...

So glad to read the update. LOVE the photos--soooooooo cute!

Kmoana said...

Awwww look at adorable Charlieeeee...I'm so glad to hear you're all slowly adjusting...and I just love the pic of you & Claire...cant wait to read more of your korea posts!

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